This New Foodie App Is Giving Away Free Roti!

By Jessica Pridmore
24th Mar 2017

PappaRich app

We all have our dining spots that we like just a bit more than the rest, right? For the most part, stuffing our faces at our favourite local dining haunt is reward enough, but sometimes, just sometimes, getting something in return is also pretty damn great.

In huge foodie new this morning, legendary Malaysian dining stalwart, PappaRich is launching an app that rewards you—for eating your favourite foods! No, we can barely believe it either.

As if they’ve answered our foodie prayers, anytime you dine in-store as a signed up app member you’ll now collect reward points that will score you free drinks, dishes, even a free meal! The best part? Between March 23 and April 23, if you download the app you’ll receive a free roti in-store!

I mean, we’re always down for their buttery roti canai and a cheeky iced kopi anytime (we’re only human after all) but we’re pretty pumped that our monster eating habits will land us with a whole heap of food related rewards.

From PappRich specials, to their iconic laksa, chicken curry and a range of drool-worthy dishes these are the kind of reward points we can really get in to. Add to that a handy store finder, plus news and promotion updates and a regularly updated menu, you’ve got yourself a hard-working, helpful app.

To download the PappaRich app, get onto the App Store, and download for free!

Image credit: PappaRich

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