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This Cult Cleansing Balm Could Just Be The Answer To Sensitive Skin Woes

By Jessica Pridmore
3rd May 2018


Minimise and simplify: this is the current mantra I’m (attempting to) live by when it comes to locking down my skincare regime. All those lotions and potions promising crystal clear, youthful skin, serums ‘guaranteeing’ a visage akin to a baby’s backside—I tell you, it’s bloody exhausting trialling and testing them all to see if one might just actually do what it promises (and that’s before you even dare to look at what remains of your bank balance in the process, and while taking note of ALL the ingredients sinking into your skin).

Every now and again, though, a product comes along that defies logic. One product that claims multiple uses without the use of moisture-stripping nasties? Surely not. A product that sells out in minutes not once, but again and again begs the question, ‘could this really be as good as it sounds?’.

When it comes to The Tri Balm aka the triple threat of the beauty balm world, all things point to yes.

Created by Frances Prescott (just a world-famous makeup artist, no biggie. Clearly knows nothing about good skincare habits or anything…), this part cleanser, part exfoliator, part moisturiser wonder balm is a heady mix of hard-working, all-natural ingredients making your morning cleansing regime a dream.

Packed with pumpkin enzymes, sweet almond and mandarin peel oils, plus HA (sunflower seed oil to you and me) for bulk hydration, this hard-working balm sloughs away dead skins cells while promising to nourish and moisturise at the. Same. Time. Simply apply to skin, massage in, then watch it do its magic as it emulsifies with water. Ta daaaaaaaa; you have a dewy glow to go.

If you’re short on time of a morning (err, who isn’t—love a snooze button) and you know, you’re seeking happy, healthy skin (no brainer), then this is worth your hard earned dolleridoos.

Piqued your interest? Course it has—get your hands on it righ here.

Image credit: Frances Prescott

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