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Toblerone Ice-Cream Is Here And The Internet Is Losing Its Mind

By James Shackell
22nd Feb 2018


Toblerones are friggin’ amazing. But let’s be honest, when was the last time you bought one that wasn’t a gift from Duty-Free? If someone came home after work with a big Toblerone, we’d probably assume they won some sort of raffle.

Having said all that—holy hell are we excited for this. Toblerone ice-cream. Swiss chocolate triangle spines, now in frozen ice-cream format. This is now a thing in the UK.

The basic ingredients remain the same. You’ve still got epic milk Swiss chocolate, the same basic shape (there’s an urban legend that the Toblerone shape was actually modelled after the Matterhorn in Switzerland), and there are still those crunchy honey-almond nougat bits that stick in your teeth. It’s just now they’re surrounded by fine chocolate ice-cream.

Of course, there’s always a snag: at the moment there’s no news on when Toblerone ice-cream will be available in Aus. The creamy move follows other attempts by marketing departments to cannibalise our childhoods for profit (see Kinder Bueno ice-creams, Golden Gaytime Sangas etc etc).

But you know what? If it means delicious triangle Toblerone ice-creams in our freezer, we say cannibalise away.

Follow Toblerone and Mondelēz (the Swiss company that makes ‘em) on socials to get the most up to date info. In the meantime, all we can do is eat as much Toblerone as humanly possible. See you at the airport.

Image credit: Toblerone 

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