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Translucent Espresso Martinis Are Now An Actual Thing

By Amber De Luca-Tao
9th Aug 2017


It’s not every day you can sip a cocktail in a dry ice spa... at a bar. Unless you live in Melbourne, that is.

Thanks to innovative eating houses like Bosozoku Burger Bar and Sake Den, one of the latest party hotspots to join the off Chapel scene, we know we can always expect many great (and by great we mean, crazy, but great) things to come.

Obviously, Sake warming stations, karaoke and Nintendo rooms, pool tables, motorcycle chandeliers, outdoor fire pits, Hitachi train seats and a dry ice spa (that deserves a double reference, don’t you think?) wasn’t enough to get us hyped, they’ve gone and turned the Espresso Martini on its head.

While the almighty Espresso Martini is indeed one of the greatest combinations of liquid known to man, the team at Bosozoku didn’t see why it was impossible to take it to the next level.

And they’ve done exactly that, now serving up their own version with a Japanese twist. Introducing the White Orchid.

Unlike its original counterpart, the White Orchard uses Niseko Shuzo Coffee Shochu, a coffee infused spirit which is brewed in Japan and stocked exclusively at Bosozoku, instead of Kahlua or espresso for its coffee flavour—which is exactly how the drink is able to remain translucent and ten times more Insta-worthy than the original.

The White Orchid concoction includes Grey Goose Vodka, Niseko Shuzo Coffee Shochu and De Kuyper Crème De Cacao, stirred over dry ice and topped with a white chocolate and vanilla bean foam. And just so your Insta pic will acquire maximum likes, it’s spritzed with edible gold dusting.

For those of you who do it for the ‘Gram (every Millenial ever) and don’t mind splashing some cash on a trendy cocktail, $28 is far from a setback.

The Details

Where: Bosozoku Burger Bar and Sake Den
When: Available as of right now
For more info, click here.

Image credit: Bosozuku Burger Bar and Sake Den

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