Shop Any Look From Any Image Instantly With Trendii, A Mind-Blowing New Style App

By Sammy Preston
25th May 2020

The front row at fashion week.

Ever wanted to copy-paste someone’s Insta look, but have no idea where they got those sweats, those sneakers or those sunglasses? Yes, sometimes influencers tag the brands they wear, but the price is usually pretty outrageous, so recreating that vibe ain't easy. 

Maybe, like us, you’ve been into Michael Jordan’s training get-up in the ESPN doco The Last Dance—but you don’t know where to find a white Bull’s jersey, red and black Air Jordans and big black balloon-style basketball shorts.

Enter Trendii.

This mind-blowing app and Chrome extension uses high-powered image recognition tech to deliver on-point product recommendations at any price point. It's pretty much the Shazam for fashion and, well—welcome to the future.

Trendii will scan over any image you send it and give you the same and similar products, connecting you to a bunch of different retailers for you to recreate a look like magic. It could be a photo you snapped of someone’s sneakers at a café, an image from Insta or even something you've seen in Urban List's style pages—and voila, a big long list of product matches. 

And while image recognition software has been shaky in the past (like Google Reverse Image Search, for example, which has a rep for delivering random, not-so-similar matches), we can confirm this Aussie-made, patent-pending AI technology and machine learning is very, very impressive (Australians did invent WiFi, so of course we came up with this too). 

As well as helping you emulate MJ or find those sick kicks you saw in the cafe, if you shop through the Trendii app, you'll cop cashback rewards, exclusive sale access and even prezzies from your favourite brands. Trendii also lets you create image banks of your favourite looks, and uses machine learning to serve you an inspo feed full of stuff you'll actually like (like a much more persnalised version of Instagram's Explore feed). 

The app and Extension are totally free to download and basically, this is the future of shopping and we are here for it. 

Download the iOS app here, the Android app here and get the Chrome extension here

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Image credit: James Adams

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