Two Minutes with Luc Wiesman from D’Marge

By Iro Kotsimbos
25th Feb 2014

We've heard a lot lately about the rise of the blogger – from beauty to fashion, food to interior decorating, there's a blogger for everything. But what about men's style? Well, look no further than D'Marge

Described as "the ultimate online edit for the modern man", D'Marge is the place to visit for everything to do with men's style and fashion, along with technology, interiors, grooming, and motors.

We took two minutes to chat with Luc Wiesman, the man behind D'Marge, about how his blog came to be, personal style, and what trends to look out for in the season ahead.

TUL: How did you get into blogging? 

It was actually by accident…I was working in online advertising and set up a blog for a client before deciding to make myself one. It was called The Seros Report: a diary about my weekend escapades with friends at various Melbourne nightspots. It was rubbish. I then started one called D'Marge. Some say that's rubbish too.

TUL: Why men's style?

I've always appreciated good design. I found myself reading Wallpaper when I was about 16 and it's carried on from there. There were not many websites at the time that were writing about vintage cars, watches, suits and shoes.

TUL: Where did the name D'Marge come from?

A swine merchant friend would call me and ask "Are we going out and doing some dermarge this weekend?" (his version of saying 'damage'). Now we have D'Marge. 

TUL: Apart from men's style, what other areas does D'Marge focus on?

Apart from the finer things in life, D'Marge aims to educate the public about various topics. Interior design is a big one for us this year. Many guys have no idea when it comes to decking out a house or apartment. If they have money it's left to interior designers, or others simply storm into IKEA and raid the place. We've got some cracking interior designers working with us now so there's some great content on the way. 

TUL: What's your favourite thing to write about?

Watches. They're rather complicated and it takes a lot of research to understand the various in-house movements. The engineering involved to get so many moving parts into a small space is incredible. 

In addition to watches, I find writing top ten lists great fun. I often recount the countless idiotic things I've done in my life which make great reading for most. The latest edition of 10 Signs You May Be A Wanker (TUL note: you can read part one here) was most satisfying. We had one reader get quite uptight about the article and clearly not understand that I was including myself in the list. His Facebook profile picture was a selfie in the bath…that explains a lot!

TUL: How would you describe Australian style?

Evolving. The interweb, social media and blogging has driven what we're now seeing on men. Guys all over the world are taking happy snaps of their outfits and instantly we're getting inspiration down under. We're finding there's greater focus on made-to-measure suiting now thanks to brands like P.Johnson, luxury sneakers are on trend in a big way courtesy of Sneakerboy, and you have sportswear culture which is even bigger. You know kicks, lids, LA Lakers, LeBron... that kinda stuff.

TUL: Can you tell us about your personal style?

It's a mix of well-made pieces like shoes, leather jackets and suits with cheaper basic items such as white t-shirts, blazers, chinos and snapbacks. 

TUL: What are the menswear trends for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season?

Leather biker jackets will be everywhere! They were massive this winter in Europe. We'll see a few more double-breasted suits on the cool cats. Knitwear is also coming back. You know that whack sweater grandma knitted you back in 1987? It will be on like Donkey Kong come winter. 

TUL: When it comes to putting together a wardrobe, what are the things to splurge on?

I've never put a wardrobe together but I would assume a good set of tools. If we're talking about what's in said wardrobe, then definitely shoes. Don't buy one pair and live in them, rotate a few pairs and look after them with polish or a wet cloth. I find denim is also a winner. Good jeans will work with almost everything. Blazers are also worth collecting – they can be dressed up or down and work perfectly for casual Friday. 

TUL: And to scrimp on?

T-shirts. Go basic – think white, black, grey, navy and some pastels for summer and Miami Vice parties. Topman are my go to brand. Wear them for a few months then toss them when they start to get ratty. 

TUL: What are five things every guy should have in his wardrobe?

1. A nice watch. 

2. At least two suits (black and navy are my picks).

3. A tailored shirt – they will fit like no other and they're not that expensive. 

4. A pair of cap toe oxford shoes. Black or brown is fine.

5. A smile. Take it out and wear it often.

TUL: In your opinion, what are the worst style sins a guy can commit?

We're talking about a very big book here. It's like the Game of Thrones series. White socks with a suit, dirty shoes or unpolished shoes, tucking t-shirts into jeans, wrap around sunglasses and bum bags. I'm baffled that people still sell bum bags. It's like someone has a time machine that we don't know about and they bring them to 2014 and sell them to guys at music festivals. 


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