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Stay Connected To Who And What You Love With Our Daily Insta Inspo

By Morgan Reardon
7th Apr 2020

Ulove challenge

There’s no denying it, times are weird, tough and if we’re being completely honest, a little emotional. But if the recent world events have taught us anything, it’s that Australia and New Zealand absolutely know how to rally when times are tough.

Which is why, we here at Urban List want to do our part. Early on we decided against using the phrase ‘social distancing’ because for us, the only distance we’ve been observing is a physical one. Right now, it’s more important than ever to stay social and stay connected with who and what we love —because eventually the days of wearing no pants and Netflix binges will unfortunately lose their charm.

So, in an effort to keep us all connected, we’ve launched #ULove as a way of inspiring you to stay home and stay connected on the daily!

Here’s how it works: Each day we’re sharing inspo on our Insta to get you spreading the love and keeping connections strong with everyone from your loved ones and mates to your neighbours and even random strangers. Inspo includes anything from suggesting an online workout with your housemates to being kind to yourself, and writing three things you're grateful for that day! Then it’s over to you to put them into action, and we want to hear about the connections you’re making, so be sure to tag @urbanlist and use the hashtag #ULove.

Because we can’t tell you about the latest new restaurant opening or the coolest exhibition you need to check out right now, this is our way of putting good news, optimism and connectivity out into the universe—because the world could do with a boost of that right now. 

So, please join us this month as we try to outweigh the negative and shine a light on all the fuzzy feels that social connections can have when sharing them. Remember, we're in this together.

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Let’s keep connected.

Image Credit: Carina König

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