Crack The Code, Here Are The Best Virtual Escape Rooms To Solve From Your Couch

By Sophie Hart
18th May 2020

With restrictions easing, we’re finally seeing that glimmering light at the end of the iso tunnel but until that time comes, we’ve found your latest obsession to keep you entertained at home: virtual escape rooms. 

If you’re new to the escape room trend, the concept is pretty simple—you and your mates enter a room and work together as a team to solve problems, work through puzzles and complete tasks to escape. It’s damn fun. And lucky for us, a number of IRL escape rooms have launched virtual versions of their popular games so you can keep the good times rolling at home. 

Here are the best virtual escape rooms to try from the comfort of your couch. 


Based on Adventure Room’s IRL escape room in Adelaide, Mafia is a live escape that you’ll need to book a 60-minute timeslot for, and prices start at $80 depending on how many people are playing with. Your Live Avatar will act as your eyes throughout your adventure via the live streaming app Zoom and you’ll be able to communicate back and forth as you guide them through by solving the puzzles as you go. Your challenge? Escape from the mafia. You’ve been captured by the notorious crims and are being held at their headquarters and The Big Boss has called a meeting to decide on how to “deal with you”. Your escape seems impossible, but you’ve got to try. You have one hour to escape before they return and reveal your fate. 

The Insiders 

The Insiders game is all about finding the Maxwell Company mole who’s been sneaking around where they shouldn’t and sharing sensitive information. You can play this game solo or team up with your closest confidants to take down The Insiders before they go world-wide. This play-at-home escape room is story-heavy, immersive, with oodles of challenging content and designed by us to keep you playing for hours at a time. It spans across multiple days and includes three ‘episodes’ of approximately 90 minutes each. This game is based on the IRL escape room in London, but since that shut down during the pandemic you can now play virtually for approximately $20AUD. 

The B.R.U.C.E Project

This British virtual game has been tipped as one of the best games going around so dial your code-cracking pals. The B.R.U.C.E Project is a virtual multiplayer point-n-click adventure crossed with an escape room—so it sounds like a damn good time. All you need is the power of the internet and you’ll be clicking, dragging and sleuthing your way to victory. The game costs about $30AUD and we reckon it’s totally worth it. 


In this free online treasure hunt, a dangerous and unidentified agent is taunting you with clues,  but can you track Mr-X down? To play, you’ll be using resources like Google Maps, Twitter, and YouTube to help your search for information so you’ll feel like a legit private eye. But don’t worry: the team at Escape Rooms Durham are on hand to help if you get stuck. It’s worth noting that this escape room is based in the UK and reckon it’s a fun excuse to do some virtual travelling while you crack the code. 

After something a little less challenging? Check out these epic puzzles.

Image Credit: Polina Zimmerman

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