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We Got Our Eyebrows Tattooed And This Is What Happened

By Bree Nowland
30th Mar 2016

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When you think of getting your face tattooed, perfectly groomed eyebrows probably aren’t the first thing that spring to mind. In fact, some pretty awful and fake looking eyebrows spring to mind. But, semi-permanent brow tattoos are making serious waves (or rather, arches) as of late… so, of course, we had to find out what all the fuss was about.

Let us introduce you to feather-touch eyebrow tattooing, also known as hairstroke or embroidered eyebrows. It’s a process whereby microscopic incisions are made by hand to mimic your brows natural hairs, then filled with special pigment. Just like any bespoke beauty treatment, feather-touch eyebrow tattoos are designed exclusively for you, so if you want to slightly change the shape of your brows, make your brows appear fuller, cover a scar, fix asymmetric brows or (best of all) literally wake up with perfect brows every single day—a feather-touch brow tattoo might just be for you!

As a girl who has definitely not been blessed with perfect brows, I’ve spent many mornings trying to fill in my brows (whilst maintaining some element of naturalness), only to wipe them off and start again (and repeat said process 19 times). With the aim of never needing to use a brow pencil again, I met with Hannah Devjak, the owner of Luxe Cosmetic Tattoo, to talk all things brows and to get my face tattooed while I was there (if her perfect brows were anything to go by, I knew I’d be in safe hands). Here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering tattooing your arches… 

Expect a lengthy consultation (this is no quick beauty treatment)

You’ll discuss your desired “look”—from a little added fullness to full-on arches to various brow shapes that will suit your face best. Your brows will be measured and drawn on with brow pencils as many times as required until you’re 100% happy—remember, this is permanent! Hannah drew my brows on and changed them at least six times before we decided we were ready to tattoo! Next, we decided on a colour by mixing pigments in various shades of brown and taupe.

It’s not for everyone 

If your brows are super full and dark, feather-touch brow tattooing might not deliver the results you’re after. On the other hand if your brows are very fair and light, you might be best suited to a ‘powder brow’ that uses longer strokes with a facial tattooing machine rather than tiny, individual strokes by hand. Also keep in mind that facial tattoos aren’t as deep as ‘regular’ tattoos—they’ll only last one to three years, so expect them to fade gradually.

The process isn’t as painful as you’d imagine

Firstly, anaesthetic is applied—phew! The process involves a tiny hand-held scalpel-like instrument which is used to make lots of tiny incisions in your brows to mimic your hairstrokes (don’t worry, none of your actual brow hairs are harmed). The focus is on areas where your brows are sparse or uneven and strokes will be filled with pigment every couple of strokes. Hannah at Luxe Cosmetic Tattoo is incredibly gentle and constantly checks in to make sure you are doing okay. The process does take about an hour to complete both brows, and it’s way less scary than it sounds… We promise!

You’ll need to factor in healing time and a retouch 

Following your tattoo session, there’s no down time. Over the next few days, your brows, like any tattoo, will slightly scab as the tiny wounds heal and your body “accepts” the new pigment. They’ll also be a little darker than desired for up to a week or two due to the excess pigment. While I was feeling a little more like Bert from Sesame Street as opposed to Cara Delevingne as I got used to my new tattooed arches, thankfully no one noticed my brows’ ‘healing phase’ (or perhaps they were just being extra nice… I’ll never know). 

The verdict?

I have two tattoos on my face and I absolutely love them. I haven’t used an eyebrow pencil since and I’ve shaved a whole step off my morning makeup routine (what’s not to love about saving ALL of the time?!) The best part? No one even knows that my brows are tattooed!

Image credit: Studio Firma

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