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We Reveal What Job You Should Be Doing Based On Your Star Sign

By Olivia Atkinson
9th Feb 2017

We Reveal What Job You Should Be Doing Based On Your Star Sign

Not too long ago, we shared the ground-breaking astrological secrets of what exercise works best for your star sign. We’re guessing there was probs, like, a 74.6% chance that our findings led you to smashing all sorts of fitness goals and finally unleashing your inner potential (right, RIGHT?!), so we figured, why stop there?

For the bulk of us, our jobs take up a huuuge chunk of our lives. If you find yourself sitting at your desk muttering expletives about how much you loath the main money-making activity in your life, then it’s probably time to stop and rethink a few things. Low and behold; The Urban List has the answer.

To help you get out of your career rut, we’ve found the best jobs for your star sign. Here’s the haps.


Best Job: Entrepreneur or journalist

Aries 101: don’t micromanage them. You guys are the first sign in the zodiac line-up, meaning you either like being leaders or doing your own thing. You’re strong-willed, competitive and bring a vibrant energy to everything you do. As far as entrepreneurship goes, Aries are likely to rock it and find success. They’d also do wonders in the political and journalism realms.


Best Job: Stylist or designer

Taurus crave stability and security in their work life. You’re an honest, determined and patient bunch who like seeing the end product from all your hand yakka. Ideal jobs would be working with flowers, food (food stylists are a thing, y’know?) or other creative design.


Best Job: Teacher or public relations  

Tedious and/or repetitive work is a no-no for Geminis. You’re bursting with energy and would rather be given room to creatively express yourself, rather than be chained by ridged rules. Socialising is also something you crave, so teaching or public relations would fit you quite nicely.


Best Job: CEO or nutritionist

As the mother of the zodiac, Cancers are caring, nurturing humans. Just like mamas, you have an impressive ability to juggle dozens of tasks, give solid advice and make sure that everyone is happy. Carrying responsibility on your shoulders comes naturally so you’d make a top-notch executive or nutritionist.


Best Job: Salesperson, hairstylist or actor

You fearless Leos are all guns blazing when it comes to your careers. Unless you’re always a busy body and on-the-go, then you run the risk of becoming bored AF. Your goal-chasing spirit makes you the perfect salesperson, or your entertaining, charming traits will make you a mighty fine actor. Side note: Leos have a thing for hair (must be the lion mane thing) so could be worth giving hairstyling a go.


Best Job: Sub-editor or technician

Virgos are pretty much dream employees. You tend to be perfectionists with great memories and a never-ending dose of self-motivation. Your attention to detail and precision will fare you well as a sub-editor, technician or detective. You’ve always wanted to be Sherlock Holmes, right?


Best Job: Lawyer, counsellor or make-up artist

The ‘balance’ sign of the zodiac, you Libras are wonderful mediators, like to keep the peace and know how to calm someone the hell down. You smooth operators love people so working alongside other humans is a must—we’re thinking being a lawyer, guidance counsellor, make-up artist or event planner would fit your perfectly.


Best Job: Surgeon, investigator or sex therapist

Scorps, you’re goal chasers and take whatever tasks you’re handed very, VERY seriously. Uh huh, you may be intense but one thing’s for sure, you’ll get the job done. You can block out distractions and love a challenge making you a brilliant surgeon or investigator. For something a bit saucier, Scorpios would also rock it as a dominatrix or sex therapist. Reeeeow.


Best Job: Publisher or travel blogger

Knowledge and travel are what Sagis are about. You’re a bundle of energy and quite spiritual and philosophical. You love inspiring others and have a knack for bringing humour into niggly and tense situations. On the job front, you’d rock running a website or working as a publisher. You’re not fussed by the nitty gritty details and routine kills your vibe, so try something that you can do anytime, anywhere.


Best Job: The Boss

Capricorns have workaholic hearts and strive to the best in whatever field they choose. You run a tight ship and thrive in corporate settings or when you have opportunities to work your way up the ladder. Once you become the ‘boss’ or a manager, you kill it in terms of keeping everyone organised and to schedule. Whatever career path you take; you just want to be at the top of your game. Go get ‘em, tiger.


Best Job: Photographer, scientist or independent contractor

Aquarians are attracted to the weird and the wonderful in this world. You have a tendency to rebel against the corporate way of doing things and prefer to walk to the beat of your own drum. The boredom struggle is real and you need to do something that will keep that creative brain of yours stimulated, whether it’s as a bee keeper, scientist, mediator, photographer or independent contractor, with the freedom and space to think in your own way. Not everyone is going to understand the way you work, but in terms of fresh and innovative ideas, you’ll end up blowing their mind.


Best Job: Nurse, artist or astrologer

As the oldest sign in the Zodiac, Pisces are passionate, sensitive and intuitive old souls. You gravitate towards ‘healing’ professions or jobs that allow you to be creative, such as dancing, music or art. Feel in tune with the universe? Many tarot readers and astrologers are Pisces!

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