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We Tried Gluten Free Beer… And It’s Actually Delicious?!

By Chloe Sputore
14th Dec 2016

It’s one thing to be told you can never eat delicious goodies like doughnuts, croissants and pies, but to be told you can’t eat those things OR drink beer again is soul destroying. Beer is a way of life in Australia and to live a life without the golden elixir of goodness is to live a half life, a life like the one Voldemort lives when he drinks unicorn blood.

Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to drinking the blood of unicorns because the gluten-fearing legends from O’Brien Beer have your back with their premium 100% gluten free craft beer.

Carefully brewed with sorghum and millet instead of the usual gluten-rich barley and wheat, the beers from the Ballarat-based brewery won’t leave you feeling bloated with a five-month-old beer baby. Heck yes! Plus, it’s free from artificial colourings and preservatives—it’s no wonder they’re the first, second and only gluten-free beers to pick up a gold medal at the Australian International Beer Awards.

When it comes to variety, O’Brien’s have a lot of it. From their regular range there’s a light and golden Pale Ale with notes of citrus and tropical fruit that’s been brewed to perfection with the finest gluten-free grains. If you’re more of a full-bodied beer drinker you’ll want to pick up a six-pack of their Premium Lager on your next trip to the bottle-o, which is smooth, clean, rich and delicious—of course.

For the light weights out there you might prefer to try the low-in-alcohol Light Lager, which O’Brien’s will have you fooled is a full strength beer for all it’s malt-y, hop-y goodness. And if you’re a bit more of a dark and moody person there’s the Brown Ale, inspired by the darker ales of Europe featuring the perfect balance of caramel and spice.

And don’t get us started on the seasonal range. With select brews available at bottle shops around the country from summer to spring, there’s always something new to whet your beer appetite. In the warmer climes you might prefer to sip on O’Brien’s Pilsner, a German-style brew that’s light and zesty, or the India Pale Ale, with a punchy, tropical flavour that includes passion fruit, citrus and pineapple.

Come the cooler months the Belgian Ale with its dry and spicy warmth goes down a treat, as does the Chocolate Orange Porter with hints of cocoa and orange zest. Yum!

Who cares about doughnuts when you can get your mitts on delicious gluten free beer!

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Image credit: O'Brien Beer

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