Get On Board The Intermittent Fasting Train With This All-Natural Pink Tonic

By Ranyhyn Laine
16th Dec 2020

a pink drink and packets of powder on a pink towel

Tried intermittent fasting in the past and decided it wasn’t for you? Haven’t we all. Well what about if you had a glow-inducing, bloat-banishing tonic to get you through the hanger pains and on your way to the healthier, clearer you everyone raves about? Well Diana Bergen, founder of Wednesday Cleanse Day, has created just that. 

An all-natural pink powder designed to help with intermittent fasting and the occasional cleanse, Wednesday Cleanse Day uses ingredients like collagen peptides, watercress, Siberian ginseng, green tea, psyllium husk, aloe vera, beetroot, peppermint and organic stevia to provide an energy boost and essential nutrients, assist with digestion and give you a healthy glow.

“As a regular at 16:8 intermittent fasting, I was just drinking water and black coffee each morning but it gets old quick. I was always wondering what else I could have without breaking my fast. Turns out, not much. I really wanted something that would help me to feel full and give me energy so I didn’t have to rely on coffee for that boost,” said Bergen.

Ready to be mixed with water and drunk, the powder can be used in different ways, depending on how you prefer to cleanse. If you’re jumping on the intermittent fasting train, just have it in the morning, instead of, or along with, your usual black coffee. Want to go a bit harder? You can also use the tonic for a 24 hour cleanse, during which you’ll drink five sachets over the course of a day. 

If you believe the hype, intermittent fasting will burn off excess fat without changing your lifestyle too much—handy for anyone who really struggles not to crack a bottle of wine on the weekends. You can find out more on the Wednesday Cleanse Day website, where they’ve even got a free e-book full of tips. Whether you’re ready to try it again or for the first time, we can tell you that the tonic definitely makes it easier to get through those 16 hours sans food. 

Stock up and give Wednesday Cleanse Day a go here. 

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Image credit: Wednesday Cleanse Day

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