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By Sophia McMeekin
26th Sep 2014

This week on the web, we've got the world's biggest box of donuts, a giant snickers made out of Rice Krispies, and the enduring sartorial relevance of Rachel from Friends. Kill Friday by clicking your heart out.

this week on the web

In case the Miss Universe pageant wasn't enough of a relic from a terrifying time when it was legal to pinch girls on the bottom, the Australian costume finalists for this year's Miss Universe have been announced. My eyes are bleeding.

There's food porn, and then there's FOOD PORN. This massive box of 2400 donuts fits into the latter. 

This guy is a total legend. Watch as a sprightly bearded man runs around NYC high-fiving people who are trying to hail cabs. 

The Onion compares the iPhone 6 to the Samsung Galaxy S5. It's not pretty.

They're not severely dyslexic, they just hate you: The real reason baristas spell your name wrong. 

Hey, look, it's a giant snickers made out of Rice Krispies. This makes no gastronomical sense but we still want to go to there.

Everyone's always going on about the fashions, the quotes, the sudden and unexpected death of actress Brittany Murphy, but today we'd like to take a minute to reflect on the best makeup moments in Clueless. Frosted lips are like a car accident we just can't look away from.

Best of the web

And more from the fashion heavy hitters of the '90s, Vanity Fair looks at the sartorial influence of Friends. Boys, we bet you didn't even know Joey Tribbiani is the reason you're allowed to carry a satchel without getting beaten up. 

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