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By Sophia McMeekin
3rd Oct 2014

We've been giving Friday the eye all week, and now it's finally fronted up and we're gettin' flirty. Celebrate the imminent arrival of this long weekend with our favourite clickable nonsense/quality journalism from around the web this week.

this week on the web

As if we needed another reason to drink today, George is officially off the market. Sad. Face. And, of course, his wedding seemed actually fun and had every random celebrity we've ever wanted to be friends with in attendance.

And Bon Appetit honoured George's nuptials with a fitting tribute: their best ever salt and pepper recipes

Let the dreams you hide on your secret Pinterest board run wild; wear peplums, drink coffees with shots of vanilla in them, listen to Taylor Swift out loud. Here's a guide to being a basic bitch, and proud.

Sheryl Sandberg isn't scared (or aware) of new social network, Ello.

Lena Dunham has released her new guide to life/feminist tome, and we want to read it, because anyone who advocates eating cupcakes in the bath is A-OK by us.

We know we're not the only ones who get a kick out of other people's shame spirals. These honest folks' fat confessions will have you ruminating on the time you ate that family-sized pie and hid the foil container in someone else's wheelie bin…No? Just us?

And for some fatty challenges, here's a list of all the things you can get deep fried at state fairs. And here's an 8000 calorie breakfast that you have to sign a waiver before you can attempt to eat.

The best Saturday Night Live sketches, ever.

While we wait for True Detective, here's Tiny Detectives.

And this week in French girls being annoyingly cool and good at everything… Check out Julia Reston Roitfeld's directorial debut for Stuart Weitzman.

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Image credits: Buzz Feed

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