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By Sophia McMeekin
24th Oct 2014

If the promise of Friday night's got you chomping at the bit to get out of the office and under a champers fountain, and doing any actual work is just not going to happen, you should pretend to be busy with our favourite links from around the web this week.

Get excited, sexy kittens! The Halloween countdown continues, and with it the many ways we can trash up this holiday for our own booze-fuelled pleasure. In that vein, here's how to make your pumpkin into a keg.

This woman got over her breakup by living in a KFC store for a week. Because nothing says, 'Boys, I'm back on the market' like seven days worth of chicken fat lodged in your pores.

Food that should be gross but actually sounds kind of awesome, it's a cinnamon roll sloppy joe.

And a food we wish we'd thought of first, presenting the birthday cake burger.

Mark Holden's latest Dancing With Stars performance was only marginally less creepy than last weeks', but this one did involve partial nudity, so in some ways was much worse.

Yes, your suspicions were spot on, people are laughing at your Linked In profile.

Dawson's Creek is back, in Daschund form. Presenting Daschund's Creek.

In case you were wondering, being Keanu Reeves "sucks".

And this week in the tabloids, The Kardashians' pets are mysteriously disappearing, and Lena Dunham is only eating food the same colour as her hair.

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