What Indoor Plant You Should Get Based On Your Star Sign

By Olivia Atkinson
9th Nov 2017

What Indoor Plant You Should Get Based On Your Star Sign

Dog breeds, jobs, love matches, travel destinations…our astrology insight truly knows no bounds. Today, we’re talking indoor plants. They’ve been all the rage for a while now and if you’ve been dabbling with the idea of getting one, you’ve come to the right place. 

There seems to be a universal issue with indoor plants. They die. Yep, oftentimes we get overly excited about succulents only to forget about them until they die a slow, sad death. The fix? You’re choosing the wrong indoor plant for your star sign (unless you’re a Taurean, in which case, read on for tips on how to not kill your succulent…again). 

To help you help an indoor plant live a long, happy life, here is what indoor plant you should get based on your star sign. 


Perfect indoor plant: Cactus

Let’s be real, Aries. When it comes to plants, you need something that won’t put your fire out. Like you, cacti are strong, resilient and fiercely independent. As long as they get enough Vit D, these oh-so stylish plants can thrive without your attention, leaving you plenty of time to tackle the world. They don’t need no human! Just make sure you water them monthly and plant them in a pot as bright and bold as their (and your) personality. Also, give them other cacti friends—cacti work best in a squad. 


Perfect indoor plant: Succulent 

As natural nesters, Taureans would love nothing more than to get married, make babies and full a house with sentimental things. In this perfect world, a succulent would be the way to go. You’re practical and sometimes stubborn but are often down to earth and, since succulents are reliable plants that grow slowly over time, you’ll know that they’re in for the long haul. Just make sure you give your succulent baby plenty of sunshine. You’ll know if its lacking as it will loose its vibrancy. 


Perfect indoor plant: Devil’s Ivy

At first you might think this is an odd match but as time goes by, it will become clear why Gemini and devil’s ivy are basically best mates. This hip houseplant can grow pretty much anywhere in the home as long as it’s not directly drenched in sunlight. Other that that, Devil’s Ivy is pretty much impossible to kill. Just chuck it in a hanging pot and it will be one happy devil—perfect for boredom-prone Geminis. 


Perfect indoor plant: Orchid

You’re a nurturer at heart so you won’t mind having a houseplant that needs a bit of TLC. An orchid will inject life into your home and give you something to dote on. Water it on the reg but give it time to dry out between waterings and mist daily as your plant baby loves humidity. 


Perfect indoor plant: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Leos love to be appreciated and don’t mind making a statement. Same goes for fiddle leaf figs. These leafy green are larger than life and will catch the eye of anyone who walks into your home. They do, however, need your attention. Take the spotlight off yourself and onto your Fiddle Leaf for weekly waterings and leaf dustings. Other than that, it would rather be left alone to be admired. 


Perfect indoor plant: Fern 

Your attention to detail and precision in life are your strong suits but we’ve got a sneaky suspicion that your perfect plant needs to be the complete opposite. A fern will be an unexpected yet totally necessary addition to your household—one that will force you to loosen up and give your perfectionism a rest. These fun things will do their own thing, growing however they please. Trust us, you’ll learn to love it. 


Perfect indoor plant: Air plant

They may say you’re a dreamer but with an air plant, you won’t be the only one. You’re easy-going, balanced nature can sometimes be misconstrued as lazy, but fret not, this plant will not judge. In fact, air plants are somewhat lazy themselves. They are often found growing on trees (they don’t have roots) and as houseplants, require daily attention. A quick daily mist and weekly 15-minute soak will make for a happy, healthy air plant and bring harmony into the life of a Libran. 


Perfect indoor plant: Snake Plant 

Goal-smashing Scorpios in search of the perfect piece of indoor foliage should look no further than the snake plant. Just like your lovely self, these plants refuse to let anything get them down. Too much water? All geezy. Not enough sunlight? No probs. They’re resilient, sturdy and adaptable—basically you in plant form. Plus, they’re quite a sexy plant and we all know you’re the sexiest of the star signs, Scorps. 


Perfect indoor plant: Monstera deliciosa 

With its wild, jungle-vibe leaves, it’s no surprise that free spirited Sagis and monstera deliciosa are a solid human-plant team. Otherwise known as the Mexican breadfruit, this huge plant will complete a room and will happily grow without too much babysitting. Be warned, though. Like Sagis, monstera deliciosa don’t like to stay in one place so will try and spread into other nearby pot plants. 


Perfect indoor plant: Moss 

We know what you’re thinking; who would want moss?! Capricorns is the answer. As beings driven by logic and ambition, it can be hard to express you secret sensitive side in your day-to-day life. Let moss help you with that. Not only is if freakin’ adorable, they are super low-maintenance, getting their nutrients and moisture from the air. Pop them into a cute AF pot and they’ll serve as a wee pick-me-up when ever you’re swamped in work stress. 


Perfect indoor plant: Rex Begonia 

Living up to its namesake, the Rex begonia is a quirky, slightly psychedelic-looking plant and one that will gel well with Aquarians. With a tendency to walk to the beat of their your own drum, you gravitate to the eccentric things in life and plants are no different. Rex begonias colourful and heart-shaped leaves make them one of the most interesting indoor plants around but surprisingly just require moderate sunlight and weekly waterings to thrive. 


Perfect indoor plant: Peace Lily 

If only there was a plant that could give you a cuddle, Pisces. You’re an empathetic, sensitive soul who feels both highs and lows intensely. Peace lilies are known to express when they’re not feeling 100 per cent. They’ll droop when they haven’t had enough water but perk up once they’re adequately hydrated. Despite their delicate appearance and nature, they’re quite strong—just like you! Bonus: they’re also natural purifiers. 

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