Trend Alert: What Is A Living Skin Facial?

By Pip Jarvis
28th Apr 2016

living skin facial

There are pretty much two schools when it comes to beauty: the go-hard or go home, torture it into submission crew—and the softly, softly, feathery-strokey, let’s just use rosehip oil bunch. As for me? Let’s just say I’m in recovery for skincare sadism, thanks to a recent transcendental experience at the wondrous hands of one Stacey Burt.

Name ring a bell? That’s because, until late last year, Stacey was one half of the dynamic Kiwi beauty duo at Hawthorn’s MADE Beauty Space, a cult destination for facials in Melbourne. While MADE, as it was, exists no longer, both partners have remained in the beauty game—with Stacey unveiling her holistic beauty business, Little Company in February. 

Steering away from functional treatments like waxing and manis, at Little Company, it’s all about skin—specifically, living skin. “At Little Company we are dedicated to living skin," Stacey tells us. "We use the term 'living skin’ to emphasise the importance of treating the skin as a living organ.” This is a new perspective on delivering the standard facial: which tends to treat the face less like a living organ, and more like a slab of flesh in need of a spritz.

“All of the building products used to create Little Company came from sustainably produced and non-toxic sources. Even the lime wash oil to treat our plywood facial rooms is non-toxic. We wanted our visitors to enjoy a completely natural experience. It is important for us that our environment is a continuation of how we treat the skin,” says Stacey.

As for the products, Stacey and her team use Sodashi and MV Organics—natural, organic ranges, with O Cosmedics bringing the active, cosmeceutical (but non-toxic) ingredients for more problematic skins.

Little Company’s small but perfectly formed treatment menu tackles everything from pigmentation to dullness and dehydration, with the latest LED technology on hand to stimulate and repair sensitive, problematic and ageing complexions. I opted for A Little Tailoring, a completely personalised treatment tackling my specific skin concerns (on the day of my visit, my skin was particularly parched following a night of excess, and quite literally drank up the lotions, potions and masks Stacey applied with those magic hands).

Snug as a bug, I almost nodded off during 75 glorious minutes of cleansing, exfoliation, and intense moisturisation. My skin was gently steamed and cosseted, with a constant stream of delectable-smelling prods applied while my hands, feet, shoulders, face, scalp and even ears (heaven!) were massaged.

Once Stacey was done (sob), I sipped on some surprisingly delish Chlorophyll-spiked water and admired my revitalised visage—plump, soft, glowy-as-all-getout—before floating to reception. I barely even received a lecture for my party-weary skin, but Stacey firmly suggested I get my writer’s shoulders seen to, before sending me on my blissed-out way with a little jar of Autumn Elixir to sip at my pleasure.

Detox, complete. My skin 'lives' on.   

If you're in Melbourne, check out Little Company here. If you're in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland, you can check out O Cosmedics, MV Organics, and Sodashi online—and create your own organic living facial at home!

Image credit: Tumblr

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