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What’s Leaving Netflix This Month

By James Shackell
27th Sep 2018


Time to prioritise your October viewing, people. Let this article come as one giant warning: a bunch of shows are about to disappear from your Netflix feed. Forever.

Cancel those plans because October is your last chance to catch Bad Boys, Eyes Wide Shut and Freaks & Geeks (without some very crafty Dark Web magic). To be honest, we’re not super sad to see the back of Human Centipede—see what we did there? Good.

Here’s everything leaving Netflix this October.

Leaving 1 October

Leaving 2 October

Leaving 6 October

Leaving 8 October

Leaving 10 October

Leaving 13 October

Leaving 14 October

Leaving 17 October

Leaving 22 October

Leaving 24 October

Leaving 28 October 

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Image credit: Netflix

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