Where To Holiday If You’re Really Just A Giant Kid

By Jessica Best
11th Nov 2017

Where To Holiday If You’re really Just A Giant Kid

If you’re truly a kidult at heart, museums and taking a tourist bus around the city to see historical monuments no doubt make you yawn because #boring.

So here’s our glorious pledge to you: you’ll find none of that here. Just everything you ever imagined doing as a little person, you know, like slipping down sky-high slides, eating all the butterbeer ice-cream, flying down the world’s longest ocean zipline and bouncing around on ocean trampolines.

Here are the best holiday spots if you’re actually a giant kid (and don’t lie—you totally are).

Atlantis Water Park


Think Jamberoo on steroids and you'll come close to picturing the waterpark at The Atlantis. A dozen pools. Fast slides. A lazy river (for you legends who weren’t born to be daredevils) and an almost vertical slide that drops you down a clear tunnel through a shark-filled lagoon.

BSR Cable Park


You know those videos you see of people riding bikes down a massive slide into a glorious lagoon? Well BSR Cable Park is the epic fun town where this all happens. More importantly, the Royal Flush is where you want to be. Because sliding down a giant slippery dip and flying through the air at various speeds into a massive pool has been on your bucket-list ever since you scored your pen license. 

Harry Potter World


Mount your brooms muggles and take a trip down Diagon Alley. Everybody knows the best way to really live out your childhood dreams is to literally take a step back into a world that we basically grew up in. Go crazy in Diagon Alley, Hogsmead (you’ll drink all the butterbeer and consume all the butterbeer ice-cream) and explore the legendary Hogwarts itself.

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line


Warning: this one’s a big step up from the playground zipline antics you’re probably used to. This isn’t your average line—it’s the world’s longest zipline over water sitting a cool 2,600 feet (give or take) above the beaches of Labadee.

Lake Powell 


We’ll leave the water shenanigans up to you but Lake Powell is low-key one of the top spots to get your adventure on. That means wakeboarding, jet skiing, boating, paddle boarding, make-shift soap slides (!!) and cliff jumping are all on the cards at this Colorado reservoir. And just so you know, there’s a crazy Powellooza party that happens here every summer on a houseboat and just FYI, it gets a little out of hand (in the best possible way).


Los Angeles

This one is a giant slide on the side of a tall AF building and it'll give you insane views of Lala land. And what’s better is the whole slide is entirely transparent so you’ll see everything to your left, right and way (like waayyyyyy) down below you. But we know we had you at giant slide.

Giant Ocean Trampoline


Get yourselves to Fitzroy Island STAT because giant trampolines in the middle of the ocean are a thing here. And yes, you need them in your life. They ARE within swimming range of the beach and we know you’ll be showing off your tricks (or lack thereof) on these springs of goodness all damn day.

Six Flags 

Multiple Locations, USA

If you were that oddball who actually enjoyed thrill rides as a child, then Six Flags is the one place you’ll need to get your adrenaline-addicted self to in this lifetime. Because if anyone is going to conquer the loops, twists, 4D gaming and corkscrew spins, it’s you.



It’s pretty obvious that if you’re even remotely interested in zorbing, you’re a massive kid trapped inside an adult’s body. And if you’re not familiar, this is an epic bucket-list must that’ll put you inside a big blow up bubble. And it’s awesome. Zorb around the Giant Karri Trees or take to some hydro-zorbing. Oh yeah, this is happening.

Visit The Enchanted Forest


No biggie (read: major biggie) but Canada has a giant-ass treehouse waiting for you to go explore Robinson Crusoe style. The treehouse towers around forest trees in Revelstoke and yes, it’s exactly how you’re picturing it. Plus, it’s open to all ages #wegotchu

Ashford Castle


If you’re keen to go HAM on the castle-stuff, you’ll love Ashford Castle (TBH who wouldn’t?) in Ireland. We’re sure you’ll explore this castle from head to toe with nothing less than the energy and excitement of a heavily sugar-pumped eight-year-old. We’ve all been there.

Black Tap

New York City

Upon being dubbed a giant kid and a burden to all others (cue whining because you’re tired and hungry) your sugar cravings and dental dysfunction will be well manicured at Black Tap. We’re talking about massively over-the-top milkshakes here. You’ll obvs go for the birthday cake one because sprinkles. ‘Nuff said.

Museu de la Xocolata


Chocolate fiends will revel in delight at this one because not only can you look and learn all about the good stuff, you can also stuff yourself silly in true Willy Wonka fashion. We mean, how can you pass up the chance to chug down the thickest chocolate ever. All day. Exactly.

Image credit: Atlantis Dubai

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