Here’s How You Can Win An Airgarden And Grow Your Own Food Sustainably Without Experience Or Soil

By Sophie Hart
21st May 2020

A glorious dish full of green leaves and veggies sits on a counter top

For anyone who’s attempted to sprout their own fruit and veggies at home, you’re probably aware that growing produce isn’t as simple as sticking a seed in the ground. 

Seedlings are needy little guys that require serious love and attention. But for those of us who are hungry for fresh produce and can’t dedicate the time to gardening, you’ll be thrilled to hear there’s finally a solution.  

Australian startup, airgarden, has developed a vertical aeroponic garden that allows you to sustainably grow up to 30 plants in less than one square metre, either inside or outside, meaning you don’t need a backyard. We’re talking glorious fruit and veg like capsicum, strawberries, tomatoes, kale, and basil plucked straight from the garden and dropped into your next delicious dish. 

Sound like the easy gardening solution you’ve been looking for? Enter to win your own airgarden valued at $699 here and you’ll be growing your own fruit and veg in no time at all.  

A vibrant bowl of fruit and salad leaves sits on a table.

Using seriously cool technology developed by NASA, there’s no dirt, no backyard, no constant watering, and no green thumb required. You only need to commit thirty minutes a week to look after your fruit and veg so you can spend more time in the kitchen drooling over your latest creation. It’s gardening made damn easy. 

And since we’re all about living more sustainably, airgarden helps you reduce your carbon footprint since there’s no food mileage or storage involved, plus it uses 95 per cent less land and water compared to traditional farming and gardening. It’s a total game changer. 

So, if you’re keen to grow your own glorious produce at home, simply sign up to our monthly Urban List Sustainability eNews here and you could score yourself an airgarden valued at $699. 

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