You Can Bathe In Wine And Ramen Broth At This Japanese Spa

By Simone Jovel
23rd Jun 2016

red wine spa japan

Finally there’s a place where you can have your wine and bathe in it too.

Guys, this is not a joke. People in Japan are literally bathing in wine. Yes, you read correctly, in Japan wine time is not limited to a glass (or even a bottle) but rather an entire pool of the glorious stuff.  

Our kindred spirits at Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone claim that the queen herself, Cleopatra, used to bathe in wine on the reg so, if it’s good enough for Cleo it’s damn right good enough for us. There’s also a giant bottle of wine, 3.6 metres to be exact, adjacent to the pool so you can drink while you bathe. Seriously, how is this even real?

Surprisingly it’s not all about wine when it comes to Japanese spa treatments here. Why not try the Green Tea Bath where guests sit in a pool of tea, which apparently boosts your immune system along with your skin? Then there’s the Coffee Spa where fresh brews are added while you soak yourself into a caffeinated stupor or the Japanese Sake Spa, claimed to remove age spots and freckles. 

The grand finale of spas at Yunessun would be our favourite if the first choice wasn’t wine. Behold the Ramen Noodle Spa! Complete with fake overhanging noodles for dramatic effect, you can make like a noodle and sit in a warm pool of broth. 

If you’re boring AF you can opt for the traditional option (plain bath water?! Pfft), although we’re not sure why anyone would want to do that when there are themed baths involved. And, if all of this awesome isn’t enough, make a trip there on Valentine’s Day for yep, you guessed it, a chocolate bath.

BRB moving to Japan.

Image credit: Horschmology on Flickr

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