You Can Now Feast On An Edible Candle Made Of Chicken Fat

By Anna Franklyn
27th Oct 2017

Well, this just might be the weirdest thing we've encountered in 2017, but it's true. A candle made from chicken fat and bone marrow exists and you can eat it, if you live in Sydney.

The candle is part of nel. Restaurant's eight-course Christmas degustation menu which will launch in November.

Apparently, each course is going to bring back all your happiest Christmas memories (do people have these?) but more importantly, it sounds strangely delicious. To start the night, the candle will be lit while you knock back a glass of vino. Once it has melted down, you'll get some traditional roast chicken stuffing, over which you can pour the melted candle. Weird? Yes. But delicious? Most likely—it's melted chicken fat.

We're keeping courses two through seven a secret (because Christmas is all about surprises) but we can tell you that the final course is going to be chocolate wrapping paper. Heck yes.

If you're in the area, get the full dinner experience for $118 or just dip your toe in with the $69 six-course lunch option.

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Image credit: nel. Restaurant


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