CHEESE Advent Calendars Are A Thing And We Can’t Even

By Bella Askelund
11th Oct 2017

Ready…set…cheese! Jump into your stockings, pop the candy canes aside and get ready for a Christmas indulgence like never before. There is now such thing as a CHEESE advent calendar.

Chocolate and cheese is a match made in heaven. But if we were forced to pick, we’d have to go with our creamy camembert, aged blue and soft brie companions chilling out in tasty town. Let's be honest, you simply can’t beat a glass of Pinot accompanied by a nibble of cheese—so why the f*** not enjoy it 25 days in a row? #CheeseNotChoc.

We have UK food blogger, ‘sowrongitsnom’ to thank for this frickin' fab creation. After seeing advent calendars covering the likes of lipsticks, perfumes and pet treats, she decided it’s about time the world embraced a slightly more cheesy attitude—sorry, Garfield. What’s more, unlike ya ordinary advent calendars where you’re tasting the same chocolate day in and day out, this one takes a Russian roulette style—boasting a myriad of different flavours and brands to go to town on.

There is however, one crucial problem. How are us mere mortals, with very little willpower and very big cravings, supposed to limit ourselves to one cheese per day? Let's face it, the struggle will be real. 

These dreamy advent calendars aren't available Down Under  BUT that doesn't mean you miss out. Using a little ingenuity, you can opt for a creative DIY sesh and have your own cheese-filled Christmas too. Here's how: grab a traditional advent calendar, devour every last bite of chocolate and then replace the slots with your favourite cheese bites. Nom nom nom. 

Oh we love how easy it is to live fabulously these days.

Deciding on which cheese to use in your cheese advent calendar? We rank all the cheese worth ranking. 

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