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You Can Now Stream All 8 Harry Potter Movies On Netflix

By Jessica Best
17th Jan 2019

Turns out, Netflix is the only place to be for your weird and wonderful witchcraft and wizardry antics. 

The streaming wars really do continue in a move that has stirred the pot considering Stan recently delivered a mammoth drop of Disney and Marvel content which, on the outskirts of things, looked like it would place a heap of pressure on Netflix. 

And the news is absolutely true, you can now stream all eight Harry Potter movies on Netflix which basically means you’ll be saying goodbye world and hello back-to-back Horcrux and butterbeer shenanigans for not just this weekend, but probably the rest of your life. And that doesn’t sound too shabby to us.

Head here to stream every Harry Potter blockbuster ever.

And here's a bunch of new podcasts to tick off your list.

Image credit: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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