Your No-Cringe Valentine’s Gift Guide

By Sophie Colvin
9th Feb 2017

valentines gift guide

Love birds listen up. Valentine's Day is nearly here and even though it ranks looooow on the list of celebrated days (thank goodness), we thought we’d do you all a solid and pull together a list of gift ideas that A: your partner in crime won’t hate, B: you can enjoy together and C: aren’t cringe-inducing.

We know, we can already hear your cries of “Valentine's Day is a commercialised load of BS,” and we don’t disagree, but it never really hurts to tell the Ernie to your Bert that you think they’re pretty swell, right? And while your Ernie may say they don’t need material goods to know you love them, we pinky promise they’ll appreciate something from this list. Our hot tip: go for an experience.

Shared Activities 

1. Flotation

Does anything say “I care” more than wanting your SO to be Relaxed with a capital ‘R’? We didn’t think so. Find your nearest flotation centre, book in together (plenty of flotation centres have rooms with two pods) and chill riiiiight out.

2. Get cultured

The Book Of Mormon is the stage performance to catch this year. We know it’s only gracing Melbourne, but it’s well worth a special trip. Brownie points galore.

3. Picnics

Nothing says understated romance like a secluded picnic. Pack a basket with all their favourite snacks and treats, a blanket, some speakers and find a quiet spot—the beach or parks are perfect. If you really want to step things up a notch find a local (or local enough) winery that let's you take a picnic on their grounds like Montalto Estate’s in Red Hill, Victoria. There are eleven spots scattered through the vineyards. They’re secluded, include a table-clothed table, and a full Esky of food and wine is delivered on time for your arrival. No joke, it’s the physical definition of romance.

4. Moonlight Cinema

Outdoor movies, plus fairy lights, plus beanbags. Are you sold yet? Moonlight Cinema has come to most Australian capital cities this year and has a stellar selection of flicks. Take a picnic and a blanket, or select the deluxe option that comes with beanbags and a waiter.

5. Surfing Lessons

For the outdoorsy couples, what’s better than learning a new skill together. Forget cooking or dancing lessons and up your street cred with some surf lessons. (We recently took some and are totally hooked.) In Victoria and QLD, Go Ride A Wave is our top pick of surf schools, but there are reputable options in all major cities.

For Him 

6. VinoMofo Subscription

Ok. You busted us, this one is a little on the selfish side. But what could be better than gifting your wine-loving partner with a regular delivery of top-notch drops? There’s no denying it, we like this option as he’ll probably share. (And if he doesn’t, is he really worth it?!)

7. Old School Romance

Got a retro dude on your hands? You can get a pretty neat Crosley record player for under one hundred dollarydoos. Double points for providing some of his favourite beats in vinyl form.

8. Ultimate Coffee Table Books

One of our favourite Australian blogs, Aquabumps now has a coffee table book with all of their best images. Based around Bondi—the surf and general beach beauty—it’s a stunning book and bound to offer up a little inspo. It screams ‘thoughtful gift’. Tick.

9. Manly Pampering

The good folk over at Hunter Lab are making skin and hair care products that he’ll actually want to use. The packaging is super sexy and the products will have him looking ruggedly handsome in a jiffy. That’s gotta be a win-win.

For Her

10. Sun Smart

Keep her sun smart and stylish in one easy order. You can’t really go wrong over at Lack Of Colour, and there’s something old-worldly romance about gifting someone a timeless piece (that’s not lingerie).

11. In Bed

Call me lazy, but someone wanting me to get a good night sleep is about as thoughtful as it comes. Good quality, light bed linen (that’s actual linen) will go a loooong way to making her feel rested—plus it looks amazing. The range at In bed is our go-to.

12. Indoor Plants

Try not to think about the scene in ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ where Andie Anderson gifts Benjamin Barry with a love fern, and trust us on this one. Go for something low maintenance in a classic pot for a gift that’s long lasting, beautiful and a squillion times better than a bunch of flowers.

13. Beauty Prep

V-Day doesn’t have to be uber expensive, sometimes it's as simple as seeing something that she’ll like, that she probably would prioritise in this month’s budget and grab her favourite colour. Nail polish is relatively cheap and gives her a free pass to treat herself.

14. Capture memories

Capturing the happiest moments of your relationship can be pretty spesh, especially if it’s just for the two of you, and not for Insta. A polaroid camera ticks all the boxes and is something she’ll have for years to come. 

Image credit: Frank McKenna, check out more of his work here.

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