Your Ultimate Hottest 100 Drinking Game

By Sophie Colvin
26th Jan 2016

​Happy Straya' day team! We thought we'd really set you up for a day of excellent festivities and the ultimate Aussie party activity - a drinking game! Get stuck in*, celebrate and be thankful for the public holiday.

  1. Before you start: Find the mate that raves about his dedication to the Hottest 100, but you know for a fact his radio is permanently tuned to KissFM – and make him everyone's drinks waiter for the day.
  2. Number 99 is some death metal grunge that you can't believe anyone voted for. Drink.
  3. You have that one mate who has 50% of his votes appear in the bottom 20. Make them take a shot.
  4. Every time a song you voted for is played, cheer like a hooligan and shot.
  5. Every time someone says 'Oh, I knew this song was going to be next' punch them in the face, steal their crystal ball and make them finish their drink.
  6. When it's into the top 10 and some nuffie complains that no one even likes that song, top them up and make them finish - clearly plenty of people like that song. 
  7. When the countdown gets to the top 50 and Tame Impala still hasn't copped a mention yet, take a sip and prepare yourself for TI overload. 
  8. There’s not a single Australian musician between 50 and 40. Skull.
  9. Hotline Bling is in the top 5. Cheers! Just because.
  10. Hotline Bling is played and someone pipes up with 'Did you know Drake and Serena Williams are dating?' Make that person take a gulp, it's old news. 
  11. Your party is hosting some hipster that's totally chuffed that no one of their votes got a look in. Make that fun-sponge finish their drink.
  12. Every time someone says 'Ohhhh, I completely forgot about this song', make them drink.
  13. Someone wants to know if the Beibs has been featured yet. Make them finish their drink. And then go get another one. And make them finish that too. 
  14. When Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is in the top 5, and you don't know ALL the words, drink three fingers. 
  15. Someone at your gathering muses that they can't believe Adele hasn't copped a mention yet. Make them finish their drink. And then take a good hard look at who your friends are. 
  16. To the mate/s that complain that number one isn’t even good, make them finish whatever is left in the esky. 
  17. Can't Feel My Face gets played and everyone gets their shit together and knows all the words. Cheers one another and have a wow of a time.
  18. Every time there's a language warning, swear and finish your drink.
  19. If Hoops by The Rubens isn't in the top 7, be outraged and drink the nearest drink.
  20. When Lean On is in the top 2 (because it will be) dance like a maniac and finish your drink.

* The Urban List encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol and does not condone irresponsible behaviour, particularly involving inflatable pool toys. The Urban List will not be held accountable for any loss of productivity or dignity and does not appologise for the acquisition of filthy hangovers. 

Want something else to do this Straya Day? Try making this pie! Be productive!

Photo credit: Meet Up

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