20 Things Every Foodie Has Said

By Rachel Lay - 30 Apr 2016


Foodies seem to cop it pretty badly. Almost as bad as hipsters. Or inner city wankers. Let’s be real though, we all have a little bit of foodie in us. Hands up if you’ve said any of these…

1. Have these almonds been activated?

2. Can you not talk about truffle butter that way? I don’t want to see it in that light…

3. Who’s the chef? What doco would I know him from?

4. So I was watching Chef’s Table last night…

5. I’ll only eat a meat pie if the pastry is made in-house and it’s filled with a ragu.

6. They ordered their steak well done on the first date, so it was also the last date. Ever.

7. Wait don’t eat yet, I need a picture.

8. Can you just shine your phone torch while I take a pic of our dinner?

9. Oh this restaurant only has one set of cutlery for each course, how rustic.

10. Diets just aren’t for me.

11. Oh I don’t eat there, the lighting sucks.

12. I just don’t get how people get too ‘full’ for dessert? Is that really a thing?

13. OMG I ate that way too quickly.

14. I planned my last holiday around the food I wanted to eat in that city.

15. I’m not a food blogger; I’m a food stylist.

16. I’ve been thinking about how we should tackle this buffet, guys.

17. My wardrobe sucks because I spend all my money on food.

18. So I was watching Master Chef last night…

19. What’s instant coffee?

20. She’s so tacky, her carrots even aren’t julienned…

Sound familiar? 

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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