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30 Spring Date Ideas

By Martha Brooke - 13 Sep 2016

Whether you’re both fresh off the Tinder boat or you’ve been a happy couple for years now, sometimes you both have to take a bit of ‘us’ time to gaze into each other’s eyes and skip down the street hand in hand.

With the sun finally out—and hopefully here to stay—we have found some spring date ideas to get you off the couch and into each others arms!

  1. Go on a picnic. Fill a hamper, bring a blanket, lie back and act all coy when you spot a rabbit in the clouds.
  2. Why not try Chelsea Heritage Estate for your dining al fresco backdrop?
  3. Stroll through Cornwall Park, hand in hand, while cooing at the lambs and admiring the spring time foliage.
  4. For extra brownie points, stop off at the Cornwall Park Cafe for a slice of home-baked goodness!
  5. Sick of walking? Hire his-and-hers rollerblades and skate in harmony along the shoreline of Mission Bay.
  6. If you’re like Bambi on ice when it comes to skating, hire a double kayak instead and enjoy staring at the back of your loved one’s head.
  7. After all that exercise, your bellies should be rumbling. Stop off for a bite to eat and regain your energy. You’re gonna need it…
  8. Why not stop off at El Sizzling Chorizo for an entertaining, meaty feast?
  9. Or Sen Vietnamese Kitchen and Bar for a more intimate setting?
  10. Become a pair of happy campers and pitch a tent under the starry skies.
  11. Not quite ready to see them in the wilderness? Book a glamping trip that’ll come equipped with a few more of life’s necessities to not put you off, just yet.
  12. Wind down with a couple’s deep body massage from East Day Spa. You’ll be so relaxed you may fall asleep. Keep an eye on that snoring though!
  13. Wander through the La Cigale Markets. Fill up a basket of fresh produce and cook your other half a home-cooked meal.
  14. Not quite up to Gordon Ramsey’s standards? Enroll in a cooking class to brush up on those pasta-making skills. Bon appetite!
  15. Or, just sit and scoff all of the pastry goodness that is on offer. We won’t judge.
  16. Once adequately full, take a pew at Auckland’s boutique Capitol Cinema. Keep those hands where we can see them people!
  17. Attract the attention of the butterflies, and more importantly theirs, at Butterfly Creek Farm.
  18. Be at one with the love birds as you visit the gannet colony in Murwai. They’re not really love birds, but you get the gist.
  19. Stop and smell the roses at Auckland’s Botanical Gardens. You’ll have to buy your own bouquet though, as there is a strictly ‘no picking’ rule, duh.
  20. Why not try Blush Flowers who are the experts in pretty petals?
  21. Set up easels outside, sit still and get your Van Gogh on. Be careful not to accentuate those prominent features!
  22. Get all cliché and order in the champers and oysters at Depot. If you like life’s finest aphrodisiac, you’re in the right place.
  23. If the slimy critters aren’t your cup of tea, why not sip on the Queen’s favourite tipple alongside a jam filled scone? High tea is all the rage; don’t you know? Darling.
  24. Pick out each other’s signature scent at Jo Malone. Spritz it on their pillow for an added forget-me-not.
  25. Walk a dog. Hopefully you have a dog, but if not, head on over to the SPCA and adopt one!
  26. Name your dog.
  27. Find out if you can handle them at after a few drinks whilst tasting the ales at Brothers Beer.
  28. Or, if beer ain’t yo thang, sit amongst the vines and pretend to know what a ‘tannin’ is.
  29. Cosy together at Bastion Point and watch the sunset over the Auckland harbour.
  30. If the watercolour hues and fire-tinted sky ignited a hidden spark and they stayed the night (you lucky thing!), take them for toast the next morning at The Midnight Baker. Nothing says I love you, like toast.

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