30 Things To Do In East Auckland

By Tennille Ziegler - 06 Oct 2016

30 Things To Do In East Auckland

East Auckland is a stunning part of Auckland, with plenty of things to do for foodies, beach-lovers, those looking to soak in a little history and those who love adventure.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere new to visit, or you’re a local looking to uncover some hidden gems, you’ll find it all!

  1. Sail to Chamberlains Island aka Ponui Island in the Hauraki Gulf.
  2. Indulge in some of New Zealand’s history and visit the Howick Historical Village.
  3. If you get the timing right, you can experience a Live Day at the Village, which will take you back to 1840.
  4. When you get a bit hungry, head to Homestead Café and try some delicious homemade cooking.
  5. Have a hit of golf while enjoying the panoramic view overlooking the Hauraki Gulf at Howick Golf Club.
  6. Or, if you have fears of getting distracted, try the park setting at Pakuranga Golf Club.
  7. Nab yourself some hand-crafted gems at the Howick Village Market held every Saturday.
  8. Appreciate the beauty of the Huntingwood Gardens at the privately owned house. It’s open to visitors but bookings are essential.
  9. While you’re out there, visit the Prenzel distillery and book in a group tasting tour.
  10.  On your way out, purchase some goodies for friends in the infamous gift shop. 
  11. Watch a Whitford Pony Club rally on a Saturday morning.
  12.  Get immersed in nature and spot some wildlife at Whitford Bird Garden. If you’re lucky you may find an alpaca.
  13. Explore archaeological sites along the Mangemangeroa Valley Walkway, and soak in the stunning view on your way.
  14. Catch the ferry from the CBD to Half Moon Bay and check out the boats along the marina—make sure you visit Grangers for a bite to eat and a drink.
  15. If you feel like taking a dip, then walk over to Bucklands Beach.
  16. Pack a picnic and chill out at the Omana Regional Park.
  17. Discover the white sand beaches along Maraetai and the Beachlands.
  18. To get a full-blown East Auckland experience, walk the Pohutukawa Coast Trail that will take you through all the Eastern suburbs.
  19. If you want an easier trail, enjoy a stroll along the Maraetai Loop Walk.
  20. Enjoy some Maori history when visiting Duder Regional Park. You will spot some archaeological sites around the park along with a marae across the road.
  21. See what the East Coast beaches have to offer and walk along the 6km Beachlands to Maraetai walkway.
  22.  If you consider yourself a bit of an adventurer, then take the self-guided, multi-day kayak Te Ara Moana trail.
  23.  Or, if you prefer to eat over exercise, then visit the gourmet markets at Pine Harbour.
  24. If you have an obsession with motorsport, then you will thoroughly enjoy visiting the Pine Harbour Motorsport Museum.
  25. And, if you’re not one to just sit back and relax, then get into the passenger seat and experience some hot laps at the Highlands Motorsport Park.
  26.  Practise your American Baseball skills at The Fieldhouse.
  27. View some art or get involved with a workshop at Uxbridge.
  28. Go alpaca spotting at the Cuesta Alpaca Farm.
  29. Take a scenic flight over the Hauraki Gulf from their base at Ardmore.
  30. Be a health nut and try some organic wine at Turanga Creek vineyard.

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