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50 Things To Do In Auckland

By Marilynn McLachlan - 19 Jul 2017

top things to do in auckland
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Soul Bar & Bistro
Auckland, NZ 1 Image
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The White Lady
Auckland , NZ 1 Image
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Ponsonby, NZ 1 Image
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La Cigale Markets
Parnell, NZ 1 Image
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Junk & Disorderly
Northcote, NZ 1 Image
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The Sugar Club
Auckland, NZ 1 Image
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Bluebells Cakery Eden Terrace
Eden Terrace, NZ 1 Image
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Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar
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The Fed
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Time Out Bookstore
Mt Eden, NZ 1 Image
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Westmere, NZ 1 Image
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Artisan Winery and Restaurant
Oratia, NZ 1 Image
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Dry & Tea
Newmarket, NZ 1 Image
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East Day Spa
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The Cav
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While Aucklanders may be the brunt of jokes for those south of the Bombay Hills, we think living in the City of Sails is pretty damn rad. Stuck at the bottom of the world, we have carved a name for ourselves doing things our own way, and there’s no shortage of things to do in Auckland to keep us busy.

Whether it’s our ability to complain relentlessly about Auckland traffic, our love affair with a great coffee, the way we’re too cool to acknowledge that IT’S LORDE SITTING AT THE NEXT TABLE, or how someone always knows someone who knows someone (making The Bachelor winner our worst kept secret)…. this fine city is a gem of a place to live.  

Great things to do in Auckland are thick on the ground, so it’s with great difficulty (although lots of fun), we’ve created our list of the top 50 things you should have done if you live in Auckland.

Drum roll please….

  1. Had a picnic on a Sunday afternoon in Cornwall Park. It must include wine, family, friends and comments like, ‘we should really do this more often.’
  2. Felt your ears prickle at the sound of Greensleeves, and bought a double soft serve cone from Mr. Whippy. With a flake.
  3. Complained about Auckland traffic. Daily if necessary…which it probably will be.
  4. Dried your mail in the hot water cupboard because really, it was too hard to slip that letter all the way into your letterbox when it was pouring with rain.
  5. Caught a ferry: City, Waiheke, Devonport, Rangitoto, Half Moon Bay, take your pick. Better yet, do them all.
  6. While on the ferry, wait until you’re in the middle of the harbour and take in the vista: the harbour bridge, the Sky Tower, the islands, the ocean, and realise just how bloody lucky we are.
  7. Devoured tasty street food while shopping at the Auckland Night Markets.
  8. Splashed in the fountain at Mission Bay. Only doing this when you were a kid doesn’t count.
  9. Had a selfie with Giapo.
  10. Celebrated something (or someone) special with at The Sugar Club.
  11. Sit back and relaxed on a summer’s eve watching a film at Silo Park—one of the best things to do in Auckland.
  12. Watched a live comedy show at The Classic and stayed for a drink with the comedians afterwards.
  13. Found yourself at The White Lady at 4am for greasy goodness.
  14. Been chased by geese at Western Springs.
  15. Met at least one person from Shortland St.
  16. Had lunch at Prego and stayed on for dinner.
  17. Made like a tourist and gone on a tour—beercycle, kayak or ghost—we've got them all. 
  18. Gone for coffee in St Kevin’s Arcade and bought at least one retro clothing item.
  19. Speaking of retro, relived your Grandma’s memories with a visit to MOTAT.
  20. Spent a Saturday morning eating a Nutella crepe at La Cigale French Markets.
  21. Swam at Piha during summer and yelped all the way back to your towel because the sand is so frickin’ hot.
  22. Had at least three parking tickets.
  23. Rolled up your sleeve and donated blood to do a good deed…but then stayed for an hour eating all the biscuits on offer.
  24. Run (or walked) across the Harbour Bridge in the Auckland Marathon.
  25. Seen an arty film at The Capitol.
  26. Swam under the Kitekite falls on a sparkling summer’s day.
  27. Taken your mum to High Tea at the The Langham and were in the good books for a year.
  28. Gone to Junk and Disorderly on the weekend and bought something so unique it’s a talking point when guests visit.
  29. Been an awesome person and hand delivered some cupcakes from Bluebells Cakery to a heartbroken friend.
  30. Spotted Al Brown at Depot or The Fed in his signature cap.
  31. Visited Time Out bookstore in Mt. Eden after lunch and then realised you’ve missed your 6pm gym sesh.
  32. Devoured too many oysters at Soul Bar and Bistro.
  33. Waited…and waited…and waited in the queue at VTNZ when you needed a warrant.
  34. Watched a musical at The Civic.
  35. Braved the icy winds and walked the hill to Muriwai’s gannet colony.
  36. Thrown a coin in the wishing well inside the Auckland Domain Wintergardens.
  37. Been to at least one event at the Auckland Writers Festival. It gets better every year.
  38. Had fish and chips on one of our many beautiful beaches while watching the sunset. #magic
  39. Watched the All Blacks win at Eden Park.
  40. Dressed in athleisure gear and had coffee at Catroux in Westmere.
  41. Ditched the holiday traffic to stay in the big smoke over the Christmas break.
  42. Maxed out your credit card at Britomart.
  43. Been too hot to think of a super fun thing to do in Auckland, so taken a swim at the iconic Parnell Baths instead.
  44. Been in the audience of a Jono and Ben filming. So many lols.
  45. Bought fresh produce at the Matakana Markets and then had lunch and vino at the Matakana Village Pub.
  46. Had your hair and make up done at Dry & Tea before an important night out.
  47. Had a massage at East Day Spa and felt better for a week.
  48. Spent a boozy afternoon with friends at Citizen Park.
  49. Gone on a dumpling tour. Yes, Auckland has a dumpling tour. 
  50. Overcome your fear of heights and base jumped off the Sky Tower.

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