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50 Things To Do With Kids This Summer

By Nina Franklin - 28 Nov 2017

50 Things To Do With Kids This Summer

With summer just around the corner and school holidays on their way, trying to find things to do to keep the kiddos entertained can be a little frustrating at times. We love them to bits, but let’s face it— trying to keep their little brains active all day can be a struggle. There’s nothing more annoying than hearing “I’m boooooooreeeeeed” every 5 seconds.

But don’t worry mums and dads! This mighty fine city of ours has so many fantastic things to do with kids, that take the B out of bored and put the F into Fun!

So we’ve compiled a list of 50 things to do with your kids this summer. Not only will your sanity remain intact but your kids will love you for it too.


1. Hunt for bargains and check out the buskers at the Silo Park night markets.
2. Watch an outdoor movie.
3. Grab an ice cream or gelato at Mission Bay.
4. Grab your bike, roller skates or scooter and roll down the pink lightpath.
5. Pack and picnic, grab a kite and spend the day at the Auckland Domain.
6. Do Sunday mornings right at La Cigale.
7. Put ya running shoes on and attempt any of these walks and hikes.
8. Grab your togs and go for a swim at any of these awesome pools.
9. Go visit the animals at Auckland Zoo.
10. Check out all the mechanical wonders MOTAT has to offer.
11. Visit the Weird and Wonderful room at Auckland Museum.
12. Take a ferry to Rangitoto for some glow worm spotting.
13. Be the BEST PARENT EVER and take them for a day of rides at Rainbows End.
14. Make a day trip to any one of these beautiful beaches.
15. Experience the magic of Potters Childrens Garden.
16. Ride the slides all day long at Waiwera.
17. Tucker them out with some epic mountain biking.
18. Grab a torch and explore the North Head tunnels.
19. Book a horse trek in on Muriwai beach.
20. Ride the slopes and go meet Santa at Snow Planet.
21. Climb the Mt Eden summit and on the way down stop at the epic playground.
22. Take them to any of these playgrounds and parks.
23. Go plane spotting at Auckland Airport.
24. Get competitive with a game of mini-golf.
25. Spend the day butterfly watching at Butterfly Creek.
26. Pet the animals and ride the ponies at Kiwi Valley Farm.
27. Make a day trip out to Goat Island for some snorkelling fun.
28. Get them involved in some Saturday morning sports.
29. Leave the car at home and take the train to any of these activities.
30. Get your monkey on at Tree Adventures.
31. Pack the tent and the cricket set and head away to any of these iconic camping spots
32. Buy them a fluffy at any one of these cafes.
33. Admire the boats at the Viaduct.
34. Go toadstool jumping on Mt Victoria.
35. Go chasing waterfalls at any of these spots.
36. Check out the awesome new playground at Myers Park.
37. Go check out the Queen Street Santa Parade.
38. Drive out to Cornwallis wharf for a day of fishing.
39. Go looking for peacocks at Shakespeare National Park.
40. Make new friends at your local playgroup.
41. Go see a pantomime and climb the giant woven net at Woah! Studios.
42. Go be adventurous at Rocket Ropes.
43. Visit the penguins at Kelly Tarltons.
44. Get lost in the Amazing Maze’n’Maize.
45. Take in the beautiful sites of Auckland up high in the Sky Tower (jump up and down on the glass platforms if you dare).
46. Burn some energy at Uptown Bounce.
47. Test out their hand-eye co-ordination at Clip’n’Climb.
48. Hire a bike and cycle down Tamaki Drive.
49. Walk the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail.
50. Get some fish’n’chips and have a dinner picnic at any of these spots (don’t forget the marty sauce). 

Image Credit: Lauren Matilda Matthews

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