Bright Nights Hits Auckland!

By Ava Wardecki - 28 May 2017

bright nights auckland viaduct harbour

Just when we thought that we couldn’t possibly love Auckland any more than we already do, our city has gone and done it again. Yep, it’s pulled yet another awesome trick out of its hat.

Believe us when we say that something super exciting and long awaited is * finally * coming our way.

Auckland is getting it’s very own…. waaait for it… light festival!

That’s right Aucklanders, Bright Nights has officially arrived on the scene and will be lighting up our waterfront like we’ve never seen it before. The inaugural event sets out to pave the way for an annual lighting festival on par with Vivid Sydney; the installation at ASB Waterfront Theatre by acclaimed New York artist Leo Villareal, adding to the ‘light festival’ experience.

“Bright Nights will enhance Viaduct Harbour’s iconic status as one of Auckland’s most desirable locations, where the waterfront meets the best of hospitality and light art,” says Chief Executive Angela Bull.

Teaming up with Angus Muir Design and Philips, the Viaduct will showcase Auckland as you've never seen it before. The first of its kind in New Zealand, the lighting will become a permanent feature, projecting artistic light sequences into the harbour. 

As soon as the sun goes down, this is going to be the place to be this Queen’s Birthday Weekend. From 6pm onwards, the light party will be in full swing—there’s gonna be food and bevvy specials as well as Vospertron dancers to get the party vibes pumping. These dancers will be illuminated in all their glory to create a buzz you'll not forget. 

Indeed, gone are the days of getting serious #FOMO from just looking at our cousins across the ditch’s Instagram posts of Vivid Sydney’s crazy cool light installations. Now it’s Auckland’s turn to be in the limelight—geddit?!

While the Queen's Birthday Weekend launch promises to be fabulous, the rockstar team at Angus Muir will create new ‘light shows’ throughout the year, reflecting the moods and events of Auckland. 

But wait, there's more! Not only will these epic lights tranform our night-time landscape, there are four (yes, FOUR) new hospitality offerings hitting the Viaduct. These include a new rooftop bar from the team behind Mea Culpa, a new restaurant from celebrity chef Simon Gault, the transformation of Snapdragon (now The Original), and a new pop up eatery called Headquarters. Watch this space for more details. 

We can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful illuminations will grace our waterfront. One things for certain—you’re not gonna want to miss this one out.

The Deets:

What: Bright Nights

When: Queen’s Birthday Weekend: Friday 2nd of June—Sunday 4th of June and then ongoing

Where: Auckland Waterfront

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