Auckland’s Best Cookie Creations

By Olivia Atkinson - 13 Apr 2016

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Big Fish Eatery
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The Dairy
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Little Bird Unbakery Ponsonby
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House of Chocolate Dessert Cafe
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The Culpeper
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When it comes to the consumption of sweet treats, we’re with the Cookie Monster. Cookies are a primo all day, erryday kinda snack. Morning latte companion? Cookies. Afternoon sugar hit? Cookies. Midnight munch? Cookies.

They can be warm and chewy, crunchy and crumbly, or sandwiched between a slab of ice cream—the options really are endless. And to get you on the same cookie lovin’ level as us, we’re going to share our favourite cookie creations in Auckland. Are you ready to crumble?

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar


Moustache have just opened a brand spanking new cookie shop at The University of Auckland, where Deanna and her team fashion homemade cookies and serve them with their epic milkshakes. They used to roll around in The Mo Bus but now provide post-lecture cookie fixes in the form of Snickers, Nutella or bacon chocolate chunk. Seriously top stuff.

Cookies R Us


This, people, is the cookie to rule all cookies. Cookies R Us cookies weigh a mind-boggling 1.2kg, are 30cm in diametre and are up to 3cm thick, making them the largest in New Zealand. All their cookies are made by hand using their secret recipe and come in M&M, PB choc, white chocolate macadamia or a cookie combo featuring four different flavours. Whatever you choose, you’ll need a determined team of cookie eating enthusiasts to finish one of these bad boys.

Big Fish Eatery


We’ve all had a sneaky nibble on cookie dough while baking before. Well, Big Fish Eatery in Penrose have taken things one step further and created a cookie dough dessert. They pile chocolate peanut butter or white chocolate macadamia cookie dough into a dish then chunk it in the oven until it becomes soft and gooey. It’s then topped with vanilla ice cream for the ultimate cookie pie dessert. All you’ve got to do is grab a spoon and dig in #datcookiedoe.

The Dairy


Who can resist an ice cream sammie? Definitely not us. The Dairy in Ponsonby Central are pros at the ice cream sandwich game, taking generous slabs of Kapiti ice cream and squashing them down between two chewy, homemade cookies. Their impressive cookie selection includes chocolate caramel, orange pistachio, coconut and ye ol’ choc chip. The result is actually heavenly and with the option to add candy floss, it’s one of the best cookie consuming experiences you’ll have in Auckland.

Little Bird Unbakery

Kingsland & Ponsonby

Whenever you’re in the mood for some afternoon un-baking, Little Bird has got you covered. All their cookies stay far, far away from an oven (they’re made with dehydrated wheat-free oats and almond pulp) but taste just as scrumptious as any of the cookies on this list. Relive your kidhood with the shrewsbury and chia raspberry jam cookies, the sweet and spicy ginger date or pick up one of their macadamia caramel ones. Oh-so good, oh-so healthy.

House of Chocolate


Yep, ice cream sandwiches seem to be a thing in Auckland and we’re rather chuffed about it. House of Chocolate’s is constructed with organic ice cream, two house made chocolate chip cookies and drizzled with chocolate ganache. Their cookies can also be bought on their own. Can we get a hallelujah?!

The Culpeper

Princes Wharf

Whenever we see the words ‘fresh from the oven’, we’re sold. The Culpeper may be known for their seafood and barbecue but they sure know the secret to a damn fine cookie. And since milk and cookies are the perfect match, theirs comes with milk mousse—sounds slightly strange yet once you try it, you’ll understand why it’s a cookies’ best mate.

The Bake Pod

K Road

You can’t go wrong with a cookie as big as your head and The Bake Pod on K Road specialise in exactly that. Choose from white choc macadamia, peanut brownie or chocolate chip and walk out a very happy cookie muncher. They’re ideal for that 3pm my-brain-has-stopped-working moment.

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Image credit: Baker By Nature

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