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By Olivia Atkinson - 26 Sep 2016

Best Halloumi Dishes Auckland
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The Garden Shed
Mt Eden, NZ 6 Images
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Odettes Eatery
Auckland, NZ 1 Image
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The Fed
Auckland CBD, NZ 1 Image
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St Marys Bay, NZ 1 Image
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The Botanist
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Petit Bocal
Sandringham, NZ 1 Image
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Tasca Mount Eden
Mount Eden, NZ 1 Image
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Ima Cuisine
Auckland , NZ 1 Image
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Goodness Gracious
Eden Terrace, NZ 1 Image
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Honey Café
Takapuna, NZ 1 Image
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Herne Bay, NZ 1 Image
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Bodrum Kitchen
New Lynn, NZ 1 Image
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Dear Jervois
Herne Bay, NZ 6 Images
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Let’s be honest. If we see halloumi on a menu, we’re going to order it. Slices of salty, squeaky deliciousness can take a dish from 0 to 100 and we can’t get enough of it. A halloumi fiend yourself? Great news. We’ve found the best halloumi dishes in Auckland. Go forth and feast. 

  1. They’re made to share but you’ll want one of Vivace’s halloumi pizzettes. It features chilli halloumi, confit garlic, kasundi, sweet peppers and mozz. Mmm. 
  2. Ima Cuisine serve up a big, beautiful plate of fried halloumi. It’s cheese simplicity at its finest. 
  3. Smashed avo AND halloumi? Dear Jervois, you’ve done it again. This bagel is made complete with tomato, cream cheese, fresh basil leaves and basil pesto. 
  4. Halloumi is a glorious addition to any burger. Head to Bodrum Kitchen to devour their Kumru burg—Sujuk sausage, halloumi, gherkins, tomato and aioli. 
  5. You can’t beat bruschetta when it’s done well. Tasca top theirs with grilled halloumi, tomato, mint salsa and olive oil. 
  6. Takapuna are on the halloumi buzz too. Honey Café’s pea and halloumi fritters with greens, minted yoghurt and tomato pepper sauce are a vego’s dream. 
  7. Mary’s tofu and halloumi sandwich may have a beautiful avo rose on top, but it’s the halloumi that draws us in. It’s made complete with watercress, homestyle pickle and aioli. 
  8. We’re borderline obsessed with FishSmith’s tacos but when we found out that crumbed halloumi was available, our attention switched to that. Deep-fried cheese is a glorious thing. 
  9. Rise and shine to The Fed’s Morning Glory dish. It’s a healthy breakfast salad with halloumi, Portobello, poached egg and dukkah. 
  10. Bagels and halloumi are basically besties. Goodness Gracious’ vege bagel with avo, tom, halloumi, rocket, aioli, tabasco and tomato pesto is delish. 
  11. Herbed scramble, grilled halloumi and date and apricot salsa on Midnight Baker bread from Odettes is a breakfast masterpiece. 
  12. Onslow are also on the halloumi bandwagon. Theirs comes with mushies, olives, red onion and tomato. 
  13. Sandrigham’s favourite French café, Petit Bocal whips up a mean sourdough tartine feat. prosciutto, basil pesto, Sicilian aubergine, grilled halloumi and fried egg. 
  14. Halloumi toasties are a dream come true. The Botanist jam theirs with smoked lamb, mint and hummus. 
  15. The Garden Shed serves up one of the healthiest halloumi dishes in town. Think smashed avo, cherry toms, olives, grilled halloumi, garden greens, roasted macadamias and a housemade vinaigrette. 

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Image credit: Yuppie Chef

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