Auckland’s Best Hangover Eats

By Martha Brooke - 19 Nov 2016

Auckland's Best Hangover Eats
Scarlett Slimms & Lucky
Mt Eden , NZ 1 Image
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Al’s Deli
Auckland , NZ 1 Image
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Al’s Deli Kingsland
Kingsland, NZ 1 Image
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The Fridge
Kingsland , NZ 1 Image
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Kokako Cafe
Grey Lynn, NZ 1 Image
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The Occidental
Auckland , NZ 1 Image
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Burger Burger Newmarket
Newmarket, NZ 1 Image
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Burger Burger Ponsonby
Ponsonby, NZ 1 Image
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Fort Greene
Karangahape Road, NZ 1 Image
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Ralph’s Bar and Eatery
Mt Eden, NZ 1 Image
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Queenies Lunchroom
Freemans Bay, NZ 1 Image
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You’ve gone and done it again. You’ve woken up with both heels still on, a slice of pizza in hand and a sent box full of regrets. Welcome to your weekly hangover. After countless ‘I’m never drinking again’s’, maybe it’s not time to put the bottle down…maybe it’s time to make those hangovers go away a little easier.

With our expert advice and with so much yumminess on offer in our wonderful city, be sure to eat your way out of this headache-ridden hell!

Bloody Mary at Scarlett Slimms

Boasting a beef slider, chicken wing, polenta hush puppy and an onion ring, the Bloody Mary at Scarlett Slimms is a top contender for hair of the dog. Featuring the classic stick of celery (gotta get your greens in somehow) and tomato-ey, boozy cocktail, this mean machine will keep that hangover at bay allll day!

01 Juice, Well & Good

With more than half a kilo of green veggies per bottle, this vibrant little drink from Well & Good is a solid choice to refill your body with the nutrients it so badly needs. Chocka-block full of kale, spinach, cucumber, celery and the rest of the green gang, your bod will be revitalised and ready to take on the day in no time. Kale, we owe you one!

Anything, Al’s Deli

You’ve done the hard part, you’ve made it to the restaurant, now let the team and delish food at Al’s Deli look after you. Pretty much anything you order will knock your hangover to oblivion. Fact. Think ribs, bountiful burgers and a whole lotta bagel lovin’. Don’t forget, poutine makes for one happy little puku.

Old School Mince Pie, The Fridge

What better way to make yourself feel relatively normal, than with the assistance of a classic, Kiwi fave—the pie. With golden, buttery pastry and a rich, delicious filling, you can’t go past a mince pie in your time of need, especially from The Fridge. Scoff it in one, or cherish every mouthful. Either way, you’re gonna be one hap-pie bunny.

Cold Brew, Kokako

Coffee is a saviour most times of the week, lets face it. Whether it’s your Monday morning pick-me-up or a Saturday morning salvation, coffee just gets us. Cold brew, however, is another level of caffeine. Perfect for sipping on, Kokako’s version is renowned in the Auckland coffee scene and we simply, cannot get enough.

Big Breakfast Board, Occidental Belgian Beer Cafe

Not for the faint-hearted, but full of all the fried goodness one could ever wish for, this brekkie board from The Occidental is a one-shop-stop to banish those hangover demons. It includes bacon, sausage, potato hash, tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms, eggs and ciabatta…we can feel the food coma coming already!

Evil Prince Jungle Curry, Sawadee

Flush out the nastiness with a shit-load of spice for a sure-fire way of ridding yourself of the hangover from hell. Take on the challenge, grab a glass of milk and prepare to sweat out those toxins at Sawadee. Hangover? What hangover?

House Honey Cola & Beef Burger, Burger Burger

Sometimes you just can’t beat a good old-fashioned, burger and soda. Are we right, or are we right? Pull up a pew and prepare to slurp up Burger Burger’s homemade honey cola alongside a juicy and classic beef burger. It is guaranteed to stop that head from banging and to put that nauseous feeling on hold—for now at least!

French Toast, Cafe Cézanne

Served up with bacon, maple syrup, berry coulis and bananas, this French toast offering from Cafe Cézanne is perfect for curing your cravings and hangover symptoms. All of the potassium you lose when you pee heaps while drinking, will be rebooted with the bananas in this delicious dish!

Grilled Cheese, Fort Greene

Cheese and carbs never hurt anyone, especially when all you want is to feel relatively human again. Head on over to St Kevin’s Arcade’s very own Fort Greene, for your cheesy cure. With homemade bread, stuffed with four different cheeses and grilled to perfection, this tasty morsel is a cheese-lovers dream and a hangover saviour.

Fried Chicken, Ralphs

If crunchy and moorish fried chicken is all you are after, then look no further than Ralphs. Generous in their portion sizing and as delicious as one could hope for, you’d be silly to even think of heading to a certain Colonel instead.

Boiled Eggs, Queenies

Science is at it again! Proven to be a toxin destroyer, eggs are the perfect choice to rid yourself of booze-ridden toxins and nasties. If the thought of stomaching a full English breakfast is making your tummy turn, why not go for the safe option of eggs and soldiers instead? Queenies offering is served with either Marmite or Vegemite for a kick in the right direction.

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