Auckland’s Best Winter Desserts

By Natasha Van Der Laan - 08 Jun 2016

Auckland's Best Winter Desserts
The Blue Breeze Inn

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Ponsonby, NZ 1 Image

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Big Fish Eatery

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The Fed

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Ostro Brasserie and Bar

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Petit Bocal

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When it comes to winter desserts, there’s no place for raw cheesecakes, chia puddings or—God forbid—fruit platters. No siree! An Auckland winter calls for rich, decadent winter desserts, soft-centred and self-saucing, pumped full of molten chocolate, swimming in a pool of cream and caramel. We’ve put our waists on the line to bring you Auckland’s best winter desserts. Grab a spoon and dig in.

Choc Pot at The Blue Breeze Inn


Leading the pack in the winter dessert scene is none other than the choc pot at The Blue Breeze Inn. Dig into the chocolate fondant pudding and you’ll find a perfectly gooey lava centre that will make your heart jump with joy. What really gives this dish the X factor is the addition of rhubarb (a winter classic), coffee syrup and a big ol’ scoop of chocolate ganache on the top. This bad boy is not for the faint-hearted. In short: proceed with caution.

Sticky Date Pudding at Prego


Ain’t no restaurant more classic than Prego and ain’t no dessert more classic than Prego’s sticky date pudding. Going by the name of “dolce di datteri” on the menu, the signature dessert features a generous slice of rich, moist cake drowned in hot caramel sauce. The cake is then perfectly complemented with vanilla-poached pears and homemade ginger ice cream. This winter pud will warm you from the inside out.

Baked Cookie Dough at Big Fish Eatery


Baked cookie dough, people! It’s a thing and Big Fish Eatery has it mastered. Feast on pork belly gao bao, karaage chicken and sashimi at this Asian eatery before tackling their not-so-traditional cookie dough offerings. Choose between white chocolate with macadamia or dark chocolate with peanut butter (our favourite), and brace yourself for a piping hot skillet of goodness topped with vanilla ice cream. Heck yes!

Chocolate Fondant at Grangers

Half Moon Bay

The friendly folk at Grangers have chocolate fondant down pat. You can expect molten chocolate to ooze from the centre of the pudding as you spoon into it. The baked dessert is served with almond ice cream and salted caramel sauce. Chocolate and salted caramel…could there be a better combo?! Nope, probably not.

Apple And Rhubarb Pie at Frasers

Mt Eden

Always popular with the late-night crowd, Frasers excel in the dessert department. While we’re suckers for their cabinet brimming with cheesecake goodness, today we’re talking about their apple and rhubarb pie. The winter warmer is topped with poached rhubarb and a mighty dollop of vanilla ice cream. We could suggest you share the hearty pie with your buddies, but who are we kidding? After just one bite, you’ll want it all to yourself.

Pumpkin Pie at Federal Delicatessen

Auckland City

You can always count on Federal Delicatessen (aka The Fed) for delicious comfort food. After devouring a bowl of soup and side of poutine, finish things off with a slice of pumpkin pie. Here the classic American dessert is drizzled with maple syrup and garnished with crushed pecans. Not overly sweet, the dense pie gets its flavour from an array of wintery spices. Opt for a single slice or go for the three-way combo and enjoy with serves of New York cheesecake, banoffee or lemon meringue pie #treatyourself.

Vanilla Crème Brûlée at Ostro

Auckland City

One of life’s greatest pleasures is cracking into the hard caramel layer of a crème brûlée. Get your fix at Britomart’s Ostro with their vanilla crème brûlée dessert offering. The rich and velvety custard dessert is topped with strawberry daiquiri sorbet and decorated with an edible flower. It’s oh-so tasty and oh-so Instagramable.

Bread And Butter Pudding at Petit Bocal


No winter dessert list would be complete without mention of a bread and butter pudding and we rate the B&B pud at Petit Bocal. The French-inspired eatery has a rockin’ winter dessert menu. Think chocolate fondant, crème brûlée, apple tarte tatin, poached pear and—of course—bread and butter pudding. This classic winter pud is served with vanilla ice cream and crème anglaise custard. Can it be winter all year round?

Anything And Everything From The Pie Piper

Mother-daughter duo The Pie Piper know a thing or two about comforting winter pies. You’re spoilt for choice with offerings such as apple berry pie, salted caramel apple pie and bourbon pecan pie. The best part? They’re all handmade with love—and it shows. Our winter fave would have to be their signature spiced pumpkin pie with buttered meringue and valrhona chocolate. One slice is NEVER enough. Eat all the pie. Their pies can be delivered Wednesday through Friday or pre-ordered and picked up from Farro Fresh stores.

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Image credit: Juju in a Teacup

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