Auckland’s Dumpling Bar Has A New Menu (With Dessert Dumplings!)

By Natasha Van Der Laan - 25 Oct 2016

There’s no denying Aucklanders lurrrve dumplings. In fact, your dumpling love obsession seems a bit over the top at times. But hey, who are we to judge? We’re equally obsessed with the morsels ourselves!

The only thing better than a serve of dumplings is a serve of dumplings washed down with a cocktail (or two). So where do you go when you’re craving both dumplings and cocktails? None other than Britomart’s Xuxu!

We were recently invited to check out the dumpling bar’s new menu. And, as an Urban List fave, we quickly put in an RSVP and headed along for lunch.

Upon arrival, we were seated at an intimate table for two. Although it was the middle of the day, the cosy bar still had its mood lighting perfected.

The small (but mighty) space is filled with bamboo foliage, lantern-esque pendant lights and large, draping curtains. We were particularly impressed with a stunning floor-to-ceiling mosaic that surrounds a cushioned booth at the back of the bar.

We munched on Xuxu’s chilli spiced peanuts as we surveyed the menu. What to choose? It all sounded so good! The dumplings are better than your average with flavour combinations such as chicken and shiitake as well as fish, chilli and lime leaf.

We settled on four flavours as well as a cocktail each (it’d be rude not to, right?). As a martini gal myself, I went for their twist on the much-loved drink. We’re talking chilli-infused gin complemented with lychee, pineapple and passionfruit. It was the perfect balance of flavours—sweet (but not too sweet) and with a spicy kick.

My lunch buddy only had good things to say about her vodka and absinthe-based cocktail: ‘the international #2’. We toasted to good health and good dumplings and got our chopsticks at the ready.

We were served our first two flavours: beef and lemongrass followed by chicken and shiitake. With six pieces per serve, the dumplings were presented in stackable bamboo steamers.

We loved the paring of beef with lemongrass and were pleasantly surprised to find the morsels also had an added spice—what a treat for the taste buds! As for the chicken dumplings, they were equally delish. They were fried to perfection, giving them that golden crunch we all know and love.

This was then followed by a serve of pork and shrimp shao mai dumplings and three steamed pork buns. The steamed buns were like soft, pillowy clouds stuffed with tender barbecue pork (oh my!). We also rated the tasty shao mai—pork and shrimp will forever be the ultimate dumpling combination.

Feeling stuffed, we ummed and ahhed whether to get dessert. But when life gives you dessert dumplings, you can’t say no.

In a case of “go hard or go home” we ordered BOTH their dessert offerings: choc fondant and banoffee. The banoffee morsels were stuffed with piping hot salted caramel and banana—and yes, they were as amazing as they sound.

However, the real star of the dessert menu was their choc fondant creations. Resembling mini pumpkins, the dumplings are made with sweet pumpkin pastry and stuffed with rich, dark chocolate sauce. As a word of advice, eat these with caution. The chocolate fondant is super oozy and unruly…but mouth-wateringly delicious!

Tried and tested, we can safely vouch for Xuxu’s new menu. There’s no shortage of interesting flavours and yumminess. Be sure to check it out for yourselves—you’ll be licking your chopsticks clean!

Want to know the location, opening hours and all the deets? Find Xuxu in the Directory.

Image credit: Supplied

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