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What Not To Miss At Auckland’s Fringe Festival

By Grace Noles - 16 Feb 2018

What Not To Miss At Auckland’s Fringe Festival

The festival for the city by the city is back and better than ever and we’re stoked to announce Auckland’s Fringe Festival is officially going annual in February 2018! Auckland’s Fringe Festival is all about inclusivity and celebrating one another in the best way possible—something we could all do with a bit more of!

The festival is an independent, open-access event across Auckland that aims to include everyone and anyone who is down for a good time in our wonderful city. There’s everything from dance performances to comedy pieces, live music to poetry readings, skits to cultural shows, feminism and LGBTQI+ talks to drag queen productions…we mean it when we say you will not be disappointed.

To sweeten the deal, more than a third of the events are free or koha (gifted) so you can rest assured there is something for everyone from any walk of life to enjoy.

This year’s Fringe Festival runs for two weeks (20th Feb – 4th March) and showcases some of Auckland’s best and most unique artists in the dancing, acting, performing, and comedic worlds—as well as some extraordinary international acts making a special trip Down Under for the occasion.

Read on to find out what not to miss at the 2018 Auckland Fringe Festival.  


A very exciting part of the festival is the exclusive 1:1 acts. In keeping with their name, the acts will offer performances to a single audience member at a time! This is not only experimental and will push the boundaries, but aims to portray the best of what art can do for people. The inspirational act has seven talented artists. It’s not one to miss!

When: 20th Feb – 3rd March
Where: Basement theatre

Wigging Out

Calling all Rupaul fans: now’s your chance to see a real life lip sync battle royale. The always fabulous Anne Xiety and Dee Pression are making their way to New Zealand and bringing their Wigging Out show to the Basement Theatre with all the false lashes, sequins, and wigs that you could imagine. Lip-sync extraordinaire Thomas Sainsbury as well as  Hamish Russell are set to have you in fits of laughter with their self-deprecating humour, awkward anecdotes and melodramatic monologue all night long.

When: 27th Feb – 3rd March
Where: Basement Theatre
For more information click here!

Watching Paint Dry

Do you have the patience to withstand watching literal paint dry? Performer and designer Sean Lynch will help you delve deep into the study of time and colour while leaving you mesmerised. Featuring a different colour every night, Watching Paint Dry promises to “guide you over the plains of time, to the other side”.

When: 28th Feb – 3rd March
Where: Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre
For more information click here!

Two Gentlemen Of Verona

Two Gentlemen of Verona is a remake of Shakespeare’s first play, this time by an all female and very talented cast. The romantic comedy is fast-paced and energetic, and tells the story of  the infamous Proteous having to choose between the love of his life or a promise to his best mate. This is not one to be missed!

When: 27th Feb – 4th March
Where: Aotea Square
For more information click here!

The Race

The Hobson Street Theatre Company presents a deep look at how racism affects the homeless in Aotearoa today. The Race is filled with raw honesty, generous spirit and dark humour and promised to be a powerful performance with a takeaway thought.

When: 28th Feb – 3rd March
Where: Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre
For more information click here!

Liminal: Motion as Manifest

Previously part of Emerging Pixels, Joshua Lewis’ interactive short film Liminal is a must-see visual spectacle of Fringe Festival 2018. Lewis uses real-time motion created by viewers side by side with a dancer’s movements in the film to create this experimental installation.  

When: 20th – 26th Feb
Where: Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna
For more information click here!

To secure your tickets to the most inclusive and exciting two weeks of the year, head to Fringe Festival for a full list of performances, dates, and venues.

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