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Auckland’s Most Badass Cakes

By Olivia Atkinson - 20 Jul 2016

Auckland’s Most Badass Cakes
Amy’s Secret Kitchen
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There are cakes…and then there are badass cakes. Being a bunch of foodies, we have the wonderful, glorious task of locating the biggest, baddest cakes in Auckland. We’re talking cakes topped with Nutella jars, torched meringue, whole blocks of choccie, clusters of sticky popcorn…and that’s just scratching the surface. 

If you like your cakes wacky and wonderful, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here are the most badass cakes in Auckland.

Our Little Kitchen Co 


Following Our Little Kitchen Co on Instagram is dangerous. Briar’s cake creativity knows no bounds and each post is more impressive than the last. Think candy cakes loaded with ice cream cones, giant lollypops and sour belts, GIANT SNICKERS CAKES (!), chocolate cake with meringue and caramel injections as well as more delicate cakes featuring fresh flowers and perfectly piped icing. Yep, Our Little Kitchen Co is out. of. control. 

Bespoke Cakery 


We love how Aucklanders are using the interwebs as a tool for selling delicious treats, and Gabrielle Smith of Bespoke Cakery is one of them. With a focus on bespoke crafted cakes, Gabrielle will make your cake dreams come true, no matter how ridic they may be. From giant rocky road cupcakes to s’mores chocolate fudge cakes, Bespoke Cakery will send you straight to sweet treat heaven—guaranteed.

Courtney Lee Cakery 


Courtney Lee is a chick conjuring up some seriously awesome boutique cakes. She isn’t afraid of getting a bit cray and we’re obsessed with what she comes up with. The Mad Science Party cake is chocka with salted caramel green goo, gummy worms, jelly beans, Tim Tams and green syringes, and is all sorts of amazing. Courtney also makes a chocolate whisky cake for those who would rather eat their booze. 

Sweet Bites Cakes 


Sweet Bites Cakes is a reminder that cakes definitely don’t have to be round. From Minions and dinosaurs to Angry Bird and Mowgli, there’s nothing they can’t make into edible cake form. Or if crazy cakes ain’t your thing, Sweet Bites Cakes also specialises in stunning wedding cakes, beautiful cupcakes and other ‘gram-worthy goodies. 

Neat Cakes 


Neat Cakes for neat people—we like the sound of that. Jessica Orsbourn’s cakes are pretty damn pleasing to the eye and taste just as good too. We’re talking banana salted caramel, cookies ‘n’ cream and lemon meringue among other tempting flavours. Her piping skills are off the charts and she’s got the drizzle down pat. 

Melie’s Kitchen 


She’s only 18 but Amelia Ferrier is an Auckland cake queen—heck, she has even had a book published! Scrolling through her Insta, you’ll be a) blown away by her skills and b) find yourself licking your screen. Amelia is known for using fresh flowers, rustic shards and pretty piping to create some of the prettiest, most badass cakes in Auckland.  

Amy’s Secret Kitchen 


Sisters Amy and Charlotte are the duo behind Auckland cake empire, Amy’s Secret Kitchen. They work magic out of their Brown Street cakery, creating mind-blowing, customised cakes for any occasion. From gold leaf doughnuts to macaroons and toasted meringue, the toppings keep getting better and better the more popular these girls get. Amy’s Secret Kitchen also uses the highest quality ingredients and free range eggies, and it shows in how delicious everything tastes. 

Sweet Temptation 


Remember when you asked mum for a pirate ship b’day cake but ended up with something lame? You can now bring that childhood wish to life with Sweet Temptation. Sarah has a knack for turning ANYTHING into a cake. A handbag? A camera? An Audi? Boobs? She’ll do it and she’ll make it look and taste amazeballs. 


Mt Wellington

Tina, the lady behind Sugarcoated says she makes ‘art you can eat’ and she’s not wrong. We’re utterly obsessed with the marble cakes—two-tiered cakes covered in beautiful marble fondant. They’re hypnotic, elegant and look like something out of the depths of Pinterest.

Love cupcakes too? Here are Auckland’s Most Beautiful Cupcakes.

Image credit: Our Little Kitchen Co

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