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10 Indoor Plants That Won’t Harm Your Pets
By Rosie Gregory - 19 Jan 2018

It’s the home décor trend that is showing no signs of slowing down, but is your #crazyplantlady obsession putting your furry… Read More +

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We’ve Found The Best Indoor Plant App Ever Invented & It’s Free!
By Claire Plush - 24 Nov 2017

The days of murdering countless innocent indoor plants are over, thanks to an app that is going to change the way you load up your home with… Read More +

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Where To Buy Pot Plants In Auckland
By Grace Noles - 07 Nov 2017

Fun fact: Having pot plants around your home can benefit your breathing, increase your immunity, deter illness, and boost your overall mood!… Read More +

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10 Shops For People Who Are Totally Stationery Obsessed
By Bella Askelund - 23 Aug 2017

There’s two types of people in this world. There’s those who keep their workspace minimal—a ball point pen and a… Read More +

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5 New Indoor Plant Trends To Try This Winter
By Sophia McMeekin - 18 Jul 2017

While the indoor plant trend may be showing no sign of slowing down, we have grown tired of eyeballing certain species of flora. As much as… Read More +

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7 Ways To Make Your Small Apartment (Feel) Instantly Bigger
By Phoebe McRae - 22 Jun 2017

Ohhh inner city life. It’s no mean feat. You can’t afford a house so you have to live in an apartment but your apartment is so… Read More +

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