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Croatia Has A Winery Under The Sea
By Simone Jovel - 18 Jul 2017

If there was ever something to make us believe there is in fact treasure to be found at the bottom of the sea, this is it. Some wine loving… Read More +

A Star Wars Themed Hotel Is Opening And The World Can’t Deal
By Jessica Pridmore - 17 Jul 2017

Trekkies, look away now—this is nothing you’ll want to be a part of. In a galaxy far, far away (umm, okay, Orlando Florida to be… Read More +

Guys, You Can Now Sleep Under The Northern Lights In An Inflatable Bubble!
By Claire Plush - 14 Jul 2017

Hold onto your seats friends, because this is about the coolest thing we’ve come across all week.* You can now literally stay in an… Read More +

Here’s Where To Travel Based On Your Star Sign
By Anna May - 05 Jul 2017

We all know star signs are the basis of everything we are. Every single one of us is who we are as a result of where the sun was at the… Read More +

How To Have The Ultimate 48 Hours In Mumbai
By Simone Jovel - 02 Jul 2017

Mumbai, if we’re being honest (aren’t we always), is a place like no other. Often described as a tale of two cities—from… Read More +

10 Of The Best Natural Hot Pools In New Zealand
By Holly Zeng - 23 Jun 2017

Land of volcanoes and geothermal hot spots, Aotearoa's geographic history has truly blessed us with the best! With an abundance of… Read More +

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