Where To Find The Best Caramel Slice In Auckland

By Natasha Van Der Laan - 21 Nov 2016

The Best Caramel Slice In Auckland

If there was one slice to rule them all, caramel slice would be it. Because, really, what’s not to love about thick, gooey caramel sandwiched between chocolate and a crunchy biscuit base? It’s the slices of all slices (sorry, lolly slice). Whether you like yours classic, salted or with a healthy twist, here’s where to find the best caramel slice in Auckland.

The Mustard Kitchen


The Mustard Kitchen is the master of all things delish: doughnuts, pies, slices and—in particular—caramel slice. Their creation features a chocolate biscuit base, a suuuper thick caramel centre and a  choc top. Pair with one of their mince and cheese pies and you’ve got yourself a balanced meal.

Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen


If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth on you (guilty!), look no further than Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen. Their cabinet is brimming with sweet treats such as s’mores tart, lemon friand and meeega cream doughnuts. Today we’re talking caramel slice and Rosebank has a delish salted number topped with dense, dark chocolate. Better yet, it’s gluten and nut-free.

Little Bird

Ponsonby, Kingsland & Britomart

Little Bird has taken the much-loved caramel slice and given it a healthy makeover. Their slice ticks all the boxes being raw, vegan, organic and free from gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugars. Instead, the smooth, caramel filling is made from a heavenly combination of cashews and Medjool dates. We can also vouch for their spicy ginger slice!

House Of Chocolate Dessert Café


One thing’s for certain: House Of Chocolate Dessert Café know a thing or two about chocolate…and caramel, for that matter. Their raw salted caramel slice also ticks those health boxes (dairy, gluten and refined sugar-free) and stars a divine coconut base. And because you’re being healthy (ish) you can totally justify taking home a selection of their handcrafted choccies.

Little Sister


Little Sister has not one but TWO caramel slice creations. Their classic number has a hearty amount of gooey caramel and is topped with a thick layer of chocolate. They also have a salted caramel offering that features a chocolate biscuit base and is topped with pistachios and dark chocolate chunks—yum, yum, YUM!

The Sugar Shed


With a name like The Sugar Shed, it’s no surprise this Pukekohe café knows how to make a decent sweet treat. No stranger to all things caramel, they’ve been known to whip up a cookie caramel slice, Anzac caramel slice annnnd a caramel slice cheesecake pie—yeow! If you’re a bit of a purist, they also have a classic slice although we suggest getting one of each.

Gingerbirds Kitchen And Catering

Mt Eden

Dominion Road isn’t just good for dumplings and noodles. No soiree! You can get your caramel slice fix here thanks to Gingerbirds Kitchen And Catering. Their cabinet is brimming with all your fave slices: ginger crunch, brownie, muesli slice and—of course—caramel slice. Their sammies, muffins and scones are equally delish and they have take-home meals as tasty as Mum’s home cooking.

The Raw Kitchen

City Works Depot

We can always count on The Raw Kitchen for satisfying our sweet tooth…without the guilt. All their slices are dairy and gluten free and sweetened with the likes of dates and coconut nectar. Choose between the likes of choc peppermint, ginger, Snickers or caramel. The latter has a massive (and we mean massive) dense caramel centre that’s delightfully creamy.

Bluebells Cakery

Hillsborough, Eden Terrace & Takapuna

We love an excuse to visit Bluebells Cakery’s super cute cafes. And, in our opinion, their mouth-watering caramel slice is that perfect excuse. What sets this slice apart from others is the rich brownie-esque base—mmm! If you’re lucky enough to visit when their caramel and ginger slice is in stock, we suggest you go for this incredible mash-up.

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Image credit: The Mustard Kitchen

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