Where To Find The Best Cream Buns In Auckland

By Natasha Van Der Laan - 24 Aug 2016

Where To Find The Best Cream Buns In Auckland
Little Sister Cafe
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Bluebells Cakery Hillsborough
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Bluebells Cakery Eden Terrace
Eden Terrace, NZ 1 Image
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Bluebells Cakery Takapuna
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Little & Friday Newmarket
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The Mustard Kitchen
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Hello Friends + Allies
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A beautiful thing happens when cream meets a bun…the cream bun (or cream doughnut, as some of you like to call it) is born. You know the ones—fluffy pillows of happiness brimming with cream and a dollop of jam. If you’re a neat and tidy eater, these ain’t for you. The oozing, finger-lickin’ buns will leave you with cream on your face and—more often than not—a nose covered in icing sugar. It’s not a good look but it’s a small price to pay in exchange for a taste of deliciousness.

Luckily for bun-lovin’ folk, Auckland is very much on the cream bun train. We’ve rounded up the top seven places to get a cream bun/doughnut in Auckland. My anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got (cream) buns, hun.

Little Sister Café


Henderson’s Little Sister Café serve up quite possibly the biggest cream buns in Auckland—they’re pretty much the size of your face. Their circular-shaped buns are packed—and we mean seriously packed­—with cream. Stock up on napkins because there’s a cream disaster waiting to happen.

Bluebells Cakery

Hillsborough, Eden Terrace & Takapuna

Bluebells Cakery has not one but two cream doughnuts on offer. Grab a traditional raspberry jam doughnut or stay on trend with salted caramel. They’re only available between Friday and Sunday and you’ve got to be in quick—they do-ughnut last long!

The Baker’s Cottage


When you’re short on dough (the monetary kind) and want some dough (the doughnut kind), look no further than The Baker’s Cottage. The humble Kingsland bakery serves up both round AND long cream buns—complete with that all-important blob of jam.

The Mustard Kitchen


For classic Kiwi bakery tucker, nip into Morningside’s The Mustard Kitchen. Here you’ll find hearty mince and cheese pies, lolly slice and—of course—cream buns. They also come in both a round or long orientation. And, if you’re feeling game, take things up a level with their Boston cream doughnut topped with chocolate.

Hello Friends + Allies


The cream buns at Epsom’s Hello Friends + Allies are jam-packed with raspberry jam (pun absolutely intended). They also star delightfully smooth cream and a dusting of sugar granules. P.S. The café’s meringues are also both huge and delish!

Devonport Stone Oven Bakery & Café


Giving the North Shore a taste of the cream bun action is Devonport Stone Oven Bakery & Café. The eatery dishes up generously-sized doughnuts rolled in icing sugar and loaded with either cream or custard. Their cabinet game is particularly strong and we bet you’ll also leave with a piece of apple strudel and a slice of some shape or form.

Want more doughnut-spiration? Here are The Best Doughnuts In Auckland To Wrap Your Mouth Around.

Image credit: Bluebells Cakery via Facebook

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