Who Does The Best Chinese Food In Auckland?

By Caylie Honeycombe - 22 Jul 2016

chinese food in melbourne

While we’re still longing for the day we get our very own Chinatown (San Francisco, London we’re looking at you), the Chinese food scene in Auckland is unbeatable. 

From moreish dumplings that pop in your mouth, to tasty noodle soups, sweet and sour pork, peking duck (get in our mouth), spring rolls and wontons (we’d never forget you), we just can’t get enough. The problem is, trying to choose which we love the most, would be like choosing a favourite child—we just can’t do it!

And so, we’re calling on you, fellow Chinese food lovers, to tell us which restaurant makes the best in Auckland. 

Simply fill out the form below and make sure you stay tuned for the winner’s announcement next month. 


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Image Credit: Asia Society

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