Auckland’s Best Cakes

By Olivia Atkinson - 29 May 2017

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Bluebells Cakery Eden Terrace
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Little Bird Unbakery Ponsonby
Ponsonby, NZ 1 Image
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Amy’s Secret Kitchen
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Cake & Co
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Foxtrot Parlour
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Mint Cakery
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The Caker
Newton, NZ 1 Image
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Magnolia Kitchen Sweet Cafe
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House of Chocolate Dessert Cafe
Takapuna , NZ 1 Image
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Cakes is the actual best. Be it big or small, topped with outrageous goodies or simply iced (we don’t discriminate), cake is always a good time. If you’re on the same cake buzz as us, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve made finding Auckland’s best cakes our personal mission.

The best cakes in Auckland can be found in all corners of our city. Auckland’s best cakes live out North, South, East and West. Heck, some of Auckland’s best cakes are even whipped up in people’s home kitchens and sold through the interwebs.

Cake now on your mind? Sorry about that. To help you fulfill those fluffy, frosted cravings, we’ve compiled this life-changing list. Get ready for a sugar-overload because here are the best cake spots  in Auckland. Spoiler: there’s 31 of them!

Cakes In Auckland City

Bluebell’s Cakery, Eden Terrace: With not one but THREE locations—Eden Terrace, Hillsborough and Takapuna—Bluebell’s Cakery is Auckland cake royalty. They’re all about the naked look (that’s unadorned sides, nothing to do with a lack of clothing, FYI) with a perfect drizzle and are partial to popping a doughnut or three on top. They’re also pros are cupcakes, doughnuts and other delicious treats but their cakes are where it’s at—they’re some of the best cakes in Auckland city.

Cakes In Central Auckland 

Little Bird Unbakery, Ponsonby: Is your body not fond of gluten, dairy and refined sugar? We feel ya. You want to eat ALL of Auckland’s best cakes but your body won’t allow it. Luckily, Little Bird Unbakery is your saviour. We’re talking triple chocolate layer cake with coconut and chocolate encased in a raw chocolate ganache. Yep, you can really have Auckland’s best cakes and eat ‘em too. 

Amy’s Secret Kitchen, Ponsonby: Sisters Amy and Charlotte of Amy’s Secret Kitchen are responsible for whipping up some of Auckland’s best bespoke cakes. Their customised cakes are a product of some legit cake-makin’ magic. From gold leaf-adorned doughnuts to macarons, toasted meringue and edible flowers, it’s no wonder these girls are known for making some of the best (and most beautiful) cakes in Auckland. Oh, and it’s also one of the best cake delivery services in Auckland.

Cake & Co, Ponsonby: Cake & Co cater to all those niggly dietary restrictions, making them your go-to if you need a cake for that ingredient-specific loved one/client/friend/fellow cake-lover. Our pick is the chocolate caramel cake topped with popcorn—it’s one of the best cakes in Auckland, fo sho.

Foxtrot Parlour, Ponsonby: There food may be epic, but wait until you see their cakes! Tara Brogan is the culinary genius behind Ponsonby Central’s Foxtrot Parlour’s drool-worthy creations. They cake flavours change every week and recently they’ve been making some of the best cakes we’ve seen in Auckland yet. Think coconut, chai and raspberry, and chocolate, peanut butter chocolate buttercream and peanut slabs. Yaaasss!

Mint Cakery, Pt Chev: Sometimes you really, really don’t want to share your cake. When this happens (and you don’t want to look selfish for smashing a huge cake by yourself), head to Mint Cakery for their baby cakes. These cute wee cakes are perfect for one and come in flavours such as pear and salted caramel, chocolate and mint, and lemon meringue. Mint Cakery also makes cakes big enough for six to 40 people if you decide to finally share Auckland’s best cakes love.

The Caker, K’Road: When The Caker opening Salon de Cake on K’Road, Auckland’s cake-lovers rejoiced—they could now waltz into a store and by one of the best bespoke cakes in Auckland. The Caker focuses on taste, so you’re likely to be exposed to some truly weird yet wonderful flavour combos on your visit. Our personal fave is the plume, lime and coconut cake—get amongst. 

Best Cakes On The North Shore

Magnolia Kitchen, Silverdale: With a whopping 165,000 followers (!) on the gram, it’s no wonder Magnolia Kitchen has gained a rep for being one of Auckland’s best cake shops. Pop into their cafe in Silverdale to sample their goodies, or place your order online. Bets Gee, Magnolia Kitchen’s talented founder, ain’t afraid to get creative—one of her latest cakes had an edible mermaid tail on top! 

For Heaven’s Cake, Devonport: Ah, how we love a good pun. Devonport’s For Heaven’s Cake knows a thing or two about constructing some of Auckland’s bespoke cakes. Their cakes feature edible lace and hand-piped antique crochet patterns that belong on Pinterest. 

Coast Cakes Ltd, Whangaparoua: Coast Cakes began as a hobby more than a decade ago, and today, it’s a full-blown cake making business. They can make every wacky cake request come to life, making sure it tastes absolutely delicious, too. From piles of money (yep, literally cake make to look like million of dollies) to flowers and even a No.21 Chanel perfume bottle, whatever you want, Coast Cakes can do it.

Temptation Cakes, Wairau Valley: Janine Emily Streeter of Temptation Cakes has got this cake thing well and truly sussed. She makes wedding cakes to birthday cakes, celebration cakes and everything in between. We were particularly impressed with the look of her three-tiered rustic chocolate wedding cake—the happy couple would have been stoked.

House of Chocolate Dessert Cafe, Takapuna: As the name suggests, Takapuna’s House of Chocolate Dessert Cafe is a great time. While they have all sorts of sweet treats, their cakes deserve a shout-out. You can either enjoy a slice in-store or put in an order. We hear that their tiered lemon cake with white choc ganache and lemon curd drizzle is one of the best cakes in Auckland.

Cakes In East Auckland

Sugarcoated, Mt Wellington: Tina, the lovely lady behind Sugarcoated claims she makes ‘art you can eat’. One look at her cakes and you can’t help but agree. Her marble fondant cakes are totally hypnotic and basically too pretty to even consider eating. 

Bang Bang Meringue, Howick: It’s official. Not only do Bang Bang Meringue make some of the best cakes in Auckland, they also have one of the best names. This Howick cakery makes Trolls cakes, unicorn cakes, Elmo cakes, Tinkerbell cakes...basically everything and anything from your childhood dreams.

Cakes In South Auckland 

Sugar & Spice, Manukau: Mel Hurst aka Sugar Mama of Sugar & Spice can turn anything, we repeat, ANYTHING into a cake. Her custom-made 3D cakes are nothing short of mind-boggling. Thus far she’s brought Moana, the Holy Bible, Pooh Bear and Noah’s Ark, amongst many, many more, to life. Her XXX Adult Novelty cakes are also a hoot.

Miss B Cakery, Manurewa: Some people don’t actually like cakes that much. We know, we know, it’s shocking but it’s true. This is where Miss B Cakery steps in. She is responsible for introducing Auckland to the famous French mille cake. Meaning “thousand crepe cake”, Miss B takes crepes and delicately places them on top of each other to create a pancake-meets-cake masterpiece. And yes, it’s one of Auckland’s best cakes. 

Scrumptious Cakes, Manukau: Joanne Tan of Scrumptious Cakes knows her stuff. Her cake creativity knows no bounds and sees her whipping up Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, mermaid and princess cakes on the reg. Check out her cakes here and prepare to be amazed.

Cakes In West Auckland 

Sweet Bite Cakes, Henderson: Sweet Bites Cakes is a reminder that cakes don’t have to be round. From lighthouses to pokemon and Angry Bird, there’s nothing they can’t make edible. If crazy cakes ain’t your thing, Sweet Bites Cakes also make stunning, more simplistic cakes for any occasion. 

Jenna Maree Cakes, West Harbour: Drizzle cakes never get old, and Jenna Maree has the drizzle down pat. Her cakes are a thing of beauty and our clearly made with a heck of a lot of love. She even made a dog cake for a vet once! Definitely in the line-up for the best cake in Auckland.

Niu Cakery, New Lynn: Get excited, folks! Not only does Niu Cakery one of the best cake shops in Auckland, it’s run by a 23-year-old guy! Meet Niuafe, a self-taught Tongan lad who prides himself on making everything from scratch and with love. Check out his cakes here—amazing, right?!

Best Cakes Online

MegR Cakes: Meg has made a cake for the one and only Richie McCaw, so she automatically gets a spot on this list. Even so, Meg is a genius cake maker in her own right, making some of the best bespoke cakes in Auckland. Be it a wedding cake to remember or something cray cray (our pick is a dragon), MegR Cakes won’t let you down. 

Our Little Kitchen Co: You follow Our Little Kitchen Co on Instagram at your own risk. As soon as one of Briar’s cakes pops up on your feed, you’ll want it in your mouth. Think boozy cakes, Nutella cakes, doughnut cakes, rainbow cakes and candy cakes that continue to keep Our Little Kitchen Co in Auckland’s best cake ranks.

Neat Cakes: First up, we love the motto ‘Neat Cakes for neat people’. One look at Jessica Orsbourn’s cakes and you fall in love, one bite and you’ve decided that yep, she makes some of the best cakes in Auckland. Flavour wise, we’re talkin’ cookies ‘n’ cream, chocolate salted caramel and lemon meringue. Mmm, mmm! 

Melie’s Kitchen: She’s the sprightly age of 18 but Amelia Ferrier is seriously winning at life. Not only does she make some of Auckland’s best cakes, she’s published a cookbook. Her cakes became Auckland-famous for her use of fresh flowers, rustic shards and pretty piping, and flavours such as creme brulee and s’mores.

Sweet Temptation: Remember when you asked mum for a pirate ship b’day but ended up with a chocolate log? Sarah of Sweet Temptation can erase that long-lasting disappointment with one of her cakes. A ninja turtle? An Audi? A dalek? A doughnut cake? Boobs? Sarah can do it.

The Keke King: Keke is Maori for cake and The Keke King is all about the cake life. With flavours such as red velvet, choc mudcake and vanilla sponge, The Keke King’s cakes are making waves across A-town. We love that young dudes are getting amongst the cake buzz.

Caco Cakes and Cupcakes: The epic Auckland cakes continue! Caco Cakes and Cupcakes have created a range of beautiful cakes and show no signs of slowing down. We’re obsessed with the oh-so funky rainbow drip cake. Head to their Facebook page for all the deets—you might find your new favourite cake in Auckland.

Cakes by Kobi: Another purveyor of amazing cakes, Cakes by Kobi is quickly moving up Auckland’s best cakes lists. Her lolly cake looks like a bit of us but check out all her creations here and find your fave—they’re all ah-mazing.

Courtney Lee Cakery: No matter what occasion you need your cake for, Courtney Lee has got you covered. This clever chick is constantly pushing the boundaries and therefore produces some of Auckland’s best cakes. We’re currently obsessed with her obsession with gold painted ganache and monochrome icing.

Bespoke Cakery, Remuera: We love how Aucklanders are using the web to sell delicious treats and Gabrielle Smith of Bespoke cakery is one of them. This gal knows exactly how to make your cake dreams come true. To make things even better, she tops her cakes with the likes of peanut butter cups, popcorn, marshmallows and macarons for some of the best cakes in Auckland (and maybe some of the best cakes in NZ!)

The Ku Cakery: Last but certainly not least is The Ku Cakery. These custom cakes are gorgeous but it’s the floral work that caught our attention. Delicate fondant flowers adorn The Ku Cakery’s cakes and we still can’t believe they’re not real! Brides, get in touch, you might have found your wedding cake.

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