Woof! The Big Dog Walk You Need To Know About!

By Emma Pickles - 03 Mar 2017

Woof! The Big Dog Walk You Need To Know About!

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting swarmed by a sea of dogs, tails wagging and tongues licking (because really, who hasn’t?), then now is your chance. Thousands of dogs (and their owners) are set to turn out to The Big Dog Walk With Lots Of Dogs in Auckland this April. Walking will never be as fun as this.

From pugs and poodles to spaniels and huskys, all your favourites will be there. You’ll be able to dog walk—or dog stalk if you don’t have one. But don’t feel dishearted if you don’t—everyone is welcome, dog or no dog. You’re encouraged to make friends with other people’s dogs, meaning you’ll get all the good stuff  (cuddles and fun) without the responsibility of having to pick up the poop.

You and your pup are sure to love it and make loads of new friends of the furry and not-so-furry kind! Doug, our office dog, will be there—so don’t forget to say hi!

There’s koha entry to raise some much-needed dollars for the animal welfare charity, Passion for Paws. We all have a passion for our furry friends and some animals, unfortunately, may not be as well looked after as yours so let’s help out these poor pooches.

So bring yourselves, a dog—if you can—and some treats so all the dogs will come to you.

The Deets:

What: The Big Dog Walk With Lots Of Dogs
Where: Waitarua Park, Medowbank
When: 22 April, 9.45am 
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