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Surprising Things That Happened When I Wore A Fitness Tracker
By Natasha Van Der Laan - 18 Apr 2017

Oh, how the world loves fitness trackers. The oh-so popular tool is praised for knowing how on track your life is. Are you moving enough?… Read More +

Auckland’s Best Secret Surf Spots To Check Out This Weekend
By Natasha Van Der Laan - 15 Mar 2017

With the weekend quickly approaching, we’re crossing our fingers for sweet swells and dreamy offshore winds—the perfect excuse… Read More +

How To Smash Your Workout Goals With Your Team
By Natasha Van Der Laan - 20 Feb 2017

2017 was going to be YOUR year, wasn’t it? You were going to channel you inner Wonder Woman to run a marathon, squat 100kgs (goals)… Read More +

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Spa Ayurda
Ponsonby, NZ

Just a hop, skip and jump away from the city, Spa Ayurda is your go-to destination… Read More +

We Tried Scuba Diving And This Is What Happened
By Natasha Van Der Laan - 12 Jun 2017

There’s something so magical about the underwater world. Colourful coral, tropical fish, sea turtles and shipwrecks...the ocean is… Read More +

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Strong Like A Girl

Forget the saying “you’re pretty strong…for a girl”,… Read More +

Auckland’s Best Day Spas
By Martha Brooke - 07 Jun 2017

We all deserve a bit of relaxation time now and again, let’s face it. Tired? Needing a pick-me-up? Feel like treating yo'self?… Read More +

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TRUE food and yoga | Studio
Orakei, NZ

Husband and wife duo, Nic and Kelly Watt (MASU) have teamed up to launch TRUE food… Read More +

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Uptown Bounce Avondale
Avondale, NZ

Relive the joys of your trampoline days at Avondale’s Uptown Bounce. This… Read More +

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White Spa + Float Lounge
Herne Bay , NZ

The colour white symbolises new beginnings and that’s what White Spa + Float… Read More +

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Ponsonby, NZ

It's 2017 and we all want to reduce our waste and keep our globe clean… Read More +

Auckland’s Best Indoor Swimming Pools
By Emma Pickles - 06 Jun 2017

Winter has arrived but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some H2O action. You may have to forego the salty seas for some… Read More +

8 Winter Workout Apps That Will Kick Your Chilly Ass Into Gear
By Anna May - 06 Jun 2017

The temperature is dropping, fast. Which makes getting up and going to the gym about as appealing as watching a pigeon orgy. But don’t… Read More +

11 Great Ideas For Your Next Girls’ Night In
By Martha Brooke - 19 May 2017

Where are the Jager-fueled nights? The questionable heel heights? The douche-bag filled Long Room queues? Are we getting old or are our… Read More +

Where To Find Healthy Takeaways In Auckland
By Martha Brooke - 15 May 2017

Eating healthy can be pretty tough at times, we get that. If you’re trying your best to stick to your guns and goals but want to… Read More +

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