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Spa Ayurda
Ponsonby, NZ

Just a hop, skip and jump away from the city, Spa Ayurda is your go-to destination… Read More +

Activities & Itineraries
Auckland Walks You Can Take Now That The Waitakere Ranges Have Closed
By Albert Cho - 09 May 2018

Everyone knows the spectacular beauty that is Auckland. And, this beauty is something that we all want to protect and never more so than… Read More +

Strong Like A Girl

Forget the saying “you’re pretty strong…for a girl”,… Read More +

Auckland’s Best Hot Yoga Studios
By Tennille Ziegler - 08 May 2018

While we know it’s not very enticing to get out of your oh-so-cosy bed in these sub-zero temps, the idea of heading to a hot yoga… Read More +

Bersantai Day Spa
Waiuku, NZ

Part of the Castaways Resort, the luxurious Bersanti Day Spa is Auckland's only… Read More +

Chuan Spa
Auckland, NZ

Feeling stressed and looking to bring a little Zen into your life? Then look no… Read More +

Spa Di Vine
Waimauku, NZ

Looking to head out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a day of decadent… Read More +

9 Ways To Get Fit Without Joining A Gym
By Grace Noles - 24 Apr 2018

The crowds, the fees, all those mirrors…joining the gym can be an overwhelming experience for many. If you’ve tried to become a… Read More +

fu/nis EMS Training
Auckland City, NZ

You know what they say: summer bodies are made in the winter. But the struggle is… Read More +

24 Things Only A True Homebody Will Understand
By Bella Ramdhanie - 13 Apr 2018

For many, there is nothing better than a bursting schedule—jam-packed with dinners, dancing and mate-dates. But for the rest of us,… Read More +

Personal Development
The Secret Way To Up Your A-Game At Work
By Grace Noles - 12 Apr 2018

If you’re into a boring daily routine of eat, sleep, work, repeat, with no hope of a holiday any time soon, it might be time to change… Read More +

Plogging Is The Latest Fitness Trend That’s Cleaning Up The Globe
By Rosie Gregory - 01 Apr 2018

The Scandi’s know a lifestyle trend or two—Hygge anyone?—and the latest emerging from the Nordic region promises not only… Read More +

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