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White Spa + Float Lounge
Herne Bay , NZ

The colour white symbolises new beginnings and that’s what White Spa + Float… Read More +

Spa Ayurda
Ponsonby, NZ

Just a hop, skip and jump away from the city, Spa Ayurda is your go-to destination… Read More +

What's On
The Happiest Places In Auckland When You’re Having A Bad Day
By Urban List Writers - 08 Mar 2018

Sometimes life's not all sunshine and roses and even the smallest of things that can trigger a bad day. Whether it is a fight with a… Read More +

Reform Fitness
Mt Eden, NZ

When it comes to pilates, Reform Fitness do things a little differently. Forget that… Read More +

TRUE food and yoga | Studio
Orakei, NZ

Husband and wife duo, Nic and Kelly Watt (MASU) have teamed up to launch TRUE food… Read More +

How Successful People End Their Day
By Bella Ramdhanie - 08 Mar 2018

We all know the importance of morning routines—our brains have been programmed this way. We preach how breakfast is the most important… Read More +

Ponsonby, NZ

It's 2017 and we all want to reduce our waste and keep our globe clean… Read More +

Auckland’s Best Places To Exercise And Get Fit
By Nina Franklin - 05 Mar 2018

When it comes to getting fit in Auckland, locals are super-lucky because not only do we have plenty of spaces to exercise outdoors,… Read More +

Spa Di Vine
Waimauku, NZ

Looking to head out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a day of decadent… Read More +

The 8 Best Recovery Hacks For Wannabe Athletes
By Rosie Gregory - 04 Mar 2018

These days it seems like everyone is training like an athlete, but most of us are missing a crucial (and maybe the best) piece of the… Read More +

GoodFor Has Opened In Parnell!
By Nina Franklin - 21 Feb 2018

Living a plastic-free, waste-free life is becoming a popular fad and unlike most other fads, this is one we can get behind. GoodFor… Read More +

How To Get Your Vegan On In Auckland
By Olivia Atkinson - 20 Feb 2018

You’ve probably noticed that we’re rather fond of all things food here at The Urban List. Auckland’s best milkshakes?… Read More +

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