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Announcing the February winner of The Ultimate Legend below!

this month's

Ultimate Legend


Sandra Nixon

Office Manager

What you bring to the TULegraph is what makes it get read each week. And every read from every person brings us a little closer. Thank you, Sandy!

For organising us all on TULentine's Day, and getting everyone in the #mood. The way you get people's buy in is awesome, Sandy! Keeping doing what you're doing. :)

For always having everyone's back. For dropping everything on her plate to help others. For making EVERYONE'S life easier. For being funny as hell. For bringing good vibes. (And, for sorting my inbox!!). She always brings her best self.

For ordering us new lights so we don't have to pee in the dark anymore!

Seriously... you live and breathe this value and hold us all accountable to do the same. Thanks for keeping Brisbane smiling!!

Without Sandra to help with the general day to day care of all our offices there would be chaos.

Always finds a way to make the driest things fun and entertaining.


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Ultimate Legend Votes


Always such a bright/cheery personality in the Brisbane office. Can always lift a mood.


Ange Law

Ange is always my go to girl. She is so helpful all the time and a life saver for me! She’s a true team player.



Anna's communication with clients is outstanding. Her proactive approach is a true inspiration and the client, having only met her once, absolutely love her!



Annika goes above and beyond to make sure that a brief is nailed. She follows up, reaches out and is a constant source of knowledge -
and always so willing to share her knowledge and her time!



For stepping up and covering QLD and WA in Ree's absence. As daunting as it was, you managed the extra workload like a boss!



Always so keen to help - a real star of the content team! For really taking ownership of video insights/stats. Handling it like a pro!


Ben Wills

Such a dedicated, passionate and all-around exceptional BDM.



Brooke is the ultimate legend, she epitomises We Bring The Best. Her hair is ALWAYS on point, she is always the first to help, offer advice and support.
She has stepped in on a recent campaign of mine to help with content creation and implementation.
We can't thank her enough for her efforts.



For just being such a legend and throwing herself into her new role with gusto. You're killing it, Caity!



Still giving 100% even down to the final hour with briefs from Emirates and killer feedback from L'or.



Chloe is an absolute dream to work with. Her positivity, her excitement and her drive to deliver great results always, in all ways is incredible.
She has been an absolute super star in her work on the Uniqlo response and I cannot thank her enough for
everything she has done to help make this happen!



Chris is a superstar to have around the office. He is collaborative, helpful and his singing is next level.



Sweet Gaarden vibes! The way you pulled this together is a work of genius, Clare! Congrats!



Clem is just helping out everybody left, right and centre. No matter what is asked, he is always willing to lend a hand and work away until he has the answer.


Dan Harris

Local Legend for creating a beautiful Friday drinks cheese board for the gals Thanks, Dan!



Dani is such a hard worker, she is always willing to help and take on work. She has really cemented her place in the Sydney office and we love her for it.



Ellen is always creating excellent branded content that delivers results for our client.
She is always happy to assist with the sales teams questions which helps them to sell more effective campaigns.
LOVE the B&A Content Insights presentations she created! What a great way to share her knowledge across the broader team!! Well done.



For all your wonderful work on IWD!



Isaac is the quiet achiever - and is absolutely killing it. Smashing out fantastic creative and helping our content perform wonders.



Such a dedicated hard worker and The millennials insights deck. 'nuff said!



James is always churning through work at a ridiculous rate, with such high quality. And even with all of the things on his plate he's always happy to help others out.



Jess is ALWAYS positive, bright, bubbly and always helps out everyone even though she is super busy.
Every interaction with her is a great one. She makes coming to work fun and that's what it's all about! :)



For being super trusting on Hoegaarden throughout all the chaos of it. You superstar!



For fully embracing TUL life! 5 stars ;)



Leni wrote me a lovely letter and left on my desk to brighten my morning. She is gorgeous!



A Haiku Dedicated To Marilynn: Marilynn is great. She gives her role everything. What a total champ.



Tash gets things done without ever complaining and is always so fabulous to work with (even if the client are being ridiculously difficult)
Her work is of an incredibly high standard, and I am regularly having this fed-back to me by clients!



Tilly has been contributing her support across the team and she is really making a huge difference.
From proposal creation for Top Golf (while Ree was away), to super fast media schedule to a complete over haul of the media schedule template,
Tilly brings the best every day! So pleased she is part of the team and can support training others!



Phil is such a hard worker. A real team player.



Dealing with a few tricky humans (and their requests) like a boss!



For caring about making peoples' lives easier at TUL, and just being an all round legend and nice person.



Rach has been an amazing support to me during a busy period, her patience and proactive nature has been a appreciated more than she believes.



For really working as a team player across all departments in the business!



Sabrina is working hard to learn and sell TUL branded content. Great job on a very thorough hand over and kick off documentation for Visit Victoria.



Rain hail or shine no matter how enormous her work load is Sami always brings her a game with a smile on her face!!


Sarah Law

For dropping whatever she was doing to fix a tiny error for me when I was in a rush. Super star!


Sarah Lynch

Sarah has been amazing in such a short space of time on the ground in NZ. She is reaching for the stars... and is exceeding even beyond just reaching for them!



Shannon takes every challenge in her stride and is an all-round superstar.



For handling 1000047 things at any one time like a total boss lady!



4 internal meetings booked this week and Soph was the only one not to bail! Thanks for believing I had something useful to talk to you about x.


Sophie B

Being a gun when it comes to organising new interns. We're building our own dream team, hey!?



For really driving an initiative it seemed no one else wanted to. Can always count on you to find a will and a way, and drive a result.



For whipping our new verticals into commercial shape. Can't wait to see them up on site! (Also, for the Career & Money content to sort my situation out.)



She's just always offering to help even when she's busy. Such a legend.


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