10 Best Brisbane Breakfasts To Try On The Northside

By Emilee Colasimone
10th Dec 2016


Since the day John Oxley discovered this great city, Brisbanites have engaged in epic northside vs southside debates, especially when it comes to the most important meal of the day; breakfast.

Northsiders, you already know how good the Brisbane breakfasts are on your side of the river. For all you southsiders, we’ve put together this list (in no particular order) to lure you over one of the multiple bridges to break the morning fast in the north.

Here's the 10 best Brisbane cafes on the northside for breakfast:

Java Lounge


A breakfast stalwart on Paddington’s Latrobe Terrace, Java Lounge is ever popular with the locals. Give the pumpkin smash a crack; this vegetarian delight atop of sourdough, with goat’s cheese, walnuts and poached eggs is filling and freaking delicious. Carnivores can always add a side of bacon. Java lounge also has THE best coffee.

Artie & Mai


Sometimes, with breakfast foods, simplicity is key. Which is why you can’t go past Artie & Mai's bacon and egg roll with chef’s chilli jam. The great thing about an egg and bacon roll is that you can either munch it on the go or inside this rustically-charming café located on the hip and historic section of Sandgate Road. We need to get the recipe for your chilli jam Artie!

The Brass Barrel


Newbie Brisbane cafe-come-late night dining haunt, The Brass Barrel boasts two types of waffles on their breakfast menu; sweet and savoury, they both sound equally as mouth-watering. We can vouch for the red capsicum waffles with pulled brisket chilli con carne. Just wow. The slight tang of the capsicum is perfectly complimented by the chilli con carne that is just spicy enough for the breakfast time slot.

Cornerstore Café


There are so many delicious things on the menu at Cornerstone, but, you really can’t go past the chilled black sticky rice. It’s like a healthy rice pudding for breakfast, perfect for a fuel-up after your Sunday run/bike/tennis session in the neighbourhood. This gem is topped off with caramelised fruit, nuts for some crunch and yummy vanilla bean coyo. Check out their super-cute veggie patch while you’re there.

Rusty Burrow

Stafford Heights

When is a chicken schnitty better than a chicken schnitty? At breakfast, that’s when. And where can you get one? Look no further than Rusty Burrow in Stafford Heights. Their schtick is that they blend American soul food with modern Australian cuisine, which is exactly what this dish is all about. They also have Wolff coffee, which is roasted in Hendra.

Willow And Spoon


We adore the Adore at Willow and Spoon—yes, that’s the name of the dish. The taste of the pandan puree and gazpacho salsa really sets this one apart. That fresh, almost tropical flavour balances with the richness of the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. 



Most weekend mornings, you’ll see people lining up to get into Shouk. Don’t let that put you off, the wait is never long! It’s been this way since it opened in 2014 which is proof enough that it’s still a total winner. It is hard to choose between the Reuben Eggs and the Shakshuka. Total classics.

Harveys Bistro + Bar

New Farm

Join the cool kids who brunch on James street at Harveys. The Ricotta-buttermilk hotcakes with caramelised banana will seduce you and we assure you, these little hotcakes won't disappoint. Forget the people who’ve spent three hours getting dressed for a fancy breakfast, just rock up and dive in—don’t wait! 

Plum Tucker

Red Hill

As the name suggests, great tucker is served at Plum Tucker in Red Hill. Famous for their avo on toast, you can have this iconic Brisbane breakfst dish one of three ways; with pumpkin and haloumi, with salmon and salsa or, with chocolate, chilli avocado, strawberries, nuts and some chia pudding. Now that sounds like something you’d be willing to lose your house deposit to.

Wild Canary


Hands down, the Gardner’s breakfast at Wild Canary is fantastic. Add some avo salsa, pork and fennel sausage, mushrooms, haloumi, eggs, relish and toast and you’ve got yourself a hearty (yet healthy) brekkie. Brookfield, while only 15mins from Indooroopilly, has a way of making you feel like you’re relaxing out in the country. Peak weeknd vibes.

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Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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